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You have a good idea what kind of person your pet would be if they were human, amirite? (+287)
says Blue_Cheese on Nov 16th 10 (#437655)
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One of those people with beer bellies who spend their afternoon sitting in front of the TV, drinking. That's my cat right there.
says Deadpool on May 23rd 11 (#1249249)
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My dog would be that one clueless guy who never knows what's going on.
says Cydonia on May 23rd 11 (#1249423)
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My dog would be a Nazi
says Anonymous on May 23rd 11 (#1249524)
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My cat would be that bitchy girl everyone hates. My dog would be the village idiot.
says Tempest_Trance on May 23rd 11 (#1249548)
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My parrot would be a lazy stuck up beezy and my dog would be a really hyper optimistic dude.
says Anonymous on May 24th 11 (#1250235)
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My dog would be the toddler with ADHD and a 20 second attention span
says Gryffindor_Princess on May 24th 11 (#1250711)
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My cat Edgir would be laid-back, but like play people against one another. He would not follow the crowd, but generally like meeting new people. Once he gets to know them, he would become bored and the games would start. He would make a few close connections, and be utterly faithful and affectionate in his relationships. He probably would not finish high school because he would find the whole experience boring. My cat Amelia would be the clingy person that always wants to be the center of attention, might even do unsavory things to get just that. He (yes he) would be a glutton and not afraid to ask "Are you gonna finish that?" to his lunch mates. He would be fine making friends as long as he remained the focus of attention. He would finish school with adequate grades and go to a traditional college. My dog Donatello would be the overbearing friend and love to flirt with the ladies. He would not be afraid to speak his mind and if push came to shove, he would strike the first blow to protect his friends. He would chill out with his friends and just fall asleep wherever after school or work. He would have no problem raiding the fridge at a friend's house, but he is so positive and outgoing, his friends would not mind. He would finish high school, and perhaps continue on to a trade school.
says Vrendowl on Nov 2nd 14 (#1986855)
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