now you can be right wherever you are.

says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#779480)


Because 'man' has some silly idea that they are better than all the other animals.
says SugarSkull on Jul 21st 15 (#2034962)
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And that animals will just automatically worship us. LOL!
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2034982)
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I'm an orangutan. Are we equal? I can't even vote!
says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 10th 18 (#2711207)
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It's often just a case of people not understanding how fragile their life is. I can't blame 'em, really, especially not when they're younger. Most people really are just wrapped up in this idea that they're never going to die, "it could never happen to me". It takes time, and for some a life threatening situation, to really understand your boundaries and even then . . . Eh. Some people'll never learn. That's just life. Everyone has shortcomings, after all.
says Len on Jul 21st 15 (#2034969)
Reply | +5 | 5

I agree, and too bad it happened to a person who was so passionate about wanting to help the lions.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2034986)
Reply | +1 | 0

Shh. I'm traumatized by the use of 'short' and 'comings' in the same sentence - the same word even. Some people have bad hair days, for me it's just bad ** days. Well... No ** days, but I do have hairy palms and I'm blind.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 10th 18 (#2711208)
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It's different for everyone. Arrogance is often the culprit, I would guess, but not always. There was a PBS showing that I remember about a man who lived in Alaska photographing and filming bears. He respected their power and chose to be involved in their environment anyway. He was mauled and killed by one, but I don't think it was out of arrogance. That's just part of the risk assumed when you're dedicated to that kind of work. If such a risk is worth a person's life to that person, great.
says Wunderscore on Jul 21st 15 (#2035037)
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Timothy Tredwell. Very sad.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2035045)
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But it's not. He died doing what he was passionate about at the hands of that passion itself.
says Wunderscore on Jul 21st 15 (#2035058)
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I see your point, but it was a horrific death, just like this young lady suffered.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2035061)
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I see your point, but this particular example of an otherwise horrific death isn't necessarily horrific
says Wunderscore on Jul 21st 15 (#2035136)
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You have families to consider. And think what she could have done to help those animals, if she had lived. With Tredwell, his death dominoed to his girlfriend's and then to the bear itself. But don't think I am not getting your point. It just hat death is so damn final, and those deaths were not easy.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2035179)
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That's why they are called wild animals.To think they will not harm you is pure ignorance and stupidity.
says hootowl on Jan 13th 18 (#2712107)
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A Lion has that Killer Instinct Why anyone does not understand this and puts themselves at risk is just beyond Me The Lioness saw the Woman as a threat
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2035174)
Reply | +6 | 4

There is something about being around wild animals that brings out the careless and STUPID impulsiveness in some people. What I want to know, is what was her worthless tour guide doing, as she brought down the window. Picking his butt? He is paid to make sure that doesn't happen. CUTE BABY CUBS!!
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2035188)
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I don't get that Dru I Respect and Fear these magnificent Creatures and Common sense tells me "this Creature could tear you apart , like a Ragdoll" I'm guessing they had Eyes elsewhere , kind of Job Eyes in the back of their head would come in very handy. Accidents happen Dru Fact of Life Just look at Kids , one minute they're on the pavement , next minute they're dead in the road Some People die in the dumbest ways imaginable
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2035376)
Reply | +2 | 3

Oh, a lioness is trying to join, and the other girls don't like her. Hmmmm.........sounds like human females too. LOL! I agree. It boils down to respect. We are the only species that would put their face into the face of another. All other animals know the code of conduct.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2036060)
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lolz Do we mimic Gods Animal Kingdom , or what you are so right Dru
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2036094)
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All over a worthless male. I think the ladies ought to throw the **** out. They do all the hunting and protecting, while he just sits there looking good with that mane.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2036096)
Reply | 0 | 1 lolz you are funny
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036208)
Reply | -1 | 1 "Yes, dear. Your absolutely right, dear" :)
says dru18 on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036224)
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lolz now that looks familiar "You maybe a Grouch but you're My Grouch"
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036257)
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What? When he found out that he really wasn't KING. LOL! Behind every good lion, is a lioness, ready to take him down a peg or two. That is cute. He has been forgiven.
says dru18 on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036269)
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Yeah they are cute Shame these pics and gifs are so small I Love posts like these
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2035377)
Reply | +2 | 4

Yes! They come out so tiny. It's like the gif loses its original form.
says Dami on Jul 22nd 15 (#2037367)
Reply | +3 | 3

lolz I have one gripe after another about all the Sites I'm on but this one is the best (think)
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 23rd 15 (#2038100)
Reply | +1 | 1

Agreed. Maybe we'll have to settle...They're tired of us complaining. Lol But it's really nothing personal. I'm always looking for ways to improve something. It's just my personality.
says Dami on Jul 24th 15 (#2039723)
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Are we still on about lions? I'm getting confused by this thread. Luckily, that happens often.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 10th 18 (#2711209)
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Some folks think that because the lions are in a preserve or a zoo, they're more domesticated and not as dangerous. She learned that isn't true.
says Linnster on Jul 21st 15 (#2035223)
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Great point!! There are enclousers with bars and fences at a zoo. On these tours, the ONLY thing keeping the animal from you, is your window. Kinda of scary.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2036065)
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Yes, it is scary. Can you imagine how much more scary it was for that group to watch here being mauled?
says Linnster on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036198)
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I think they couldn't believe their eyes. The tour guide got out and tried to stop the attack, and he was mauled. I don't think I ever could continue with that one, or go on another. Seeing the monkeys, would be about as challenging as I would want to get. I don't know if we really have any business around those big cats. I tend to think places like this, do them more harm than good.
says dru18 on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036216)
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I agree, but humans also have to use a bit of common sense. A lion has no idea what a "selfie" is.
says Linnster on Jul 25th 15 (#2041317)
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Here is a little humor about selfies.
says dru18 on Jul 28th 15 (#2044676)
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"Because men are jerks" --Source: ex-girlfriend.
says ajmsituation on Jul 21st 15 (#2035283)
Reply | +4 | 4

She said the same thing about playing ping-pong to me.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 10th 18 (#2711210)
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I am glad the lion was not punished for being a lion. The world just may be a little better place without that arrogant woman that rolled her window down.
says Budwick on Jul 21st 15 (#2035479)
Reply | +3 | 2

A little harsh BW , She made a Fatal error that cost her Life She may of been a Sweetheart I'm also glad the Lion was not killed due to her moment of arrogance
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2035490)
Reply | +3 | 2

"She may of been a Sweetheart "? Maybe, but I see her more like one of those arrogant **** types, you know? "I want a better photo of this captured beast. I deserve to have it! And, if that lion hurts me, well, then I'll just sue the lion, the guide and the sanctuary, so I can have my way!" Every once in a while, Darwin reaches out one of the weak links and takes it down. The lion was anything but arrogant. What the lion did was behave like a lion - that's why they tell all the stupid people to keep their windows closed.
says Budwick on Jul 21st 15 (#2035506)
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Budwick just as I think you couldn't shock me anymore you come out with something like that "Weak links" take out the Pedophiles , Rapists and Child Killers that serve no purpose in this World Feed them to the Lions "If I Ruled the World" Don't you notice the kind of Hypnotic effect Wild Animals have on us Human's We stand in awe at the magnificence of these Creatures Well I know most do Dare I say it but "She lost her head" NPI BW I was actually talking about the Woman's moment of arrogance , not the Lioness She was most likely protecting her Young
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2035521)
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It wasn't my intent to shock you. People being real and telling it like it is can be shocking to some. I just don't have any sympathy for the stupid woman. My sympathy lies totally with the lion, who in my opinion should be in the wild somewhere - not ogled by snap shooting humans. I think your list of weak link types is an excellent starter. All I'm saying is that really stupid people deserve to be a category as well. I love animals. The big cats are magnificent. It breaks my heart when I see them in a zoo setting. The preserve is a nice concept that loses its glow as soon as you introduce people to the mix. I'm sorry I rattled your senses Serenity. I know I can be brazen sometimes. i just have no patience for stupid - like that woman.
says Budwick on Jul 21st 15 (#2035592)
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I agree with you Budwick on almost everything you said. But I wouldn't wish a lion attack on anyone.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2036071)
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Of course not, I don't wish a lion attack on anyone. I'm sorry you misunderstood my lack of sympathy for the stupid woman as a death wish. That wasn't my intent.
says Budwick on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036793)
Reply | +2 | 2

You said the world would be a better off without her. Something to that effect. I am sure her family would beg to differ. I think she was an overly eager person, who for a split second didn't use any common sense. That said, I totally agree with you about the lion. I also, love animals. What a dull world this would be, without them.
says dru18 on Jul 22nd 15 (#2037321)
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I still want to know what her tour guide was doing, while she was pushing the button. They fired him, as they should have. I don't even think the lioness was intending to kill her, but we must respect that they have the means to do so.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2036088)
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I am glad too, that the lion was not euthanized. It was a lapse of judgment. Something we are all guilty of, from time to time.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2036067)
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I don't think it's lack of respect on the part of humans toward animals - people sometimes are just plain stupid and don't think of consequences 5 seconds past their nose. Seems some people have gotten to lazy to stop and think for themselves. I, for one, would never dream of rolling down a window in a game preserve - even without signs telling me to keep the windows up. Reminds me of Bill Engvall's - 'here's your sign'.
says beachbum on Jul 21st 15 (#2035540)
Reply | +4 | 2

Nor would I. That young lady was only inches from the lioness face, just snapping away. In the presence of such greatness, MAN needs to be more humble, and to know when to back away.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2036076)
Reply | +3 | 2

Agree. Way to many folks don't realize it, but subconsciously think they are the center of the universe - they are just so dang self absorbed to stop and think about what they are doing. Animals are going to act like animals - that's the way they are created.
says beachbum on Jul 21st 15 (#2036090)
Reply | +2 | 2

Agreed. How we got to be top animal is a mystery. And we will never know exactly why the lioness attacked her. Was it something she smelled, was she curious, or did she feel threatened. Which should tell all of us, that we really don't know everything about other animals. In fact, I bet we have hardly scratched the surface. And we call them the "dumb animal".
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2036106)
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What's that BeachBum ? Bill Engvall's - 'here's your sign'.
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2035542)
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You've never heard of him? He's a stand up comedian like Jeff Foxworthy. I haven't seen him in awhile, but he's really funny, and his act - the one's I've seen on tv - have always been clean. The first time I saw him, he was doing a thing about 'signs' - he was talking about Preparation H having a disclaimer/sign on the box saying the medication was not to be taken orally, and the reason they put that on the box was because someone had written in to them saying 'I've taken a whole tube of this stuff and my mouth is so small I can't eat a jelly bean' - then he says 'here's your sign'. He's REALLY funny.
says beachbum on Jul 21st 15 (#2035569)
Reply | +1 | 1

hahaha I know what that is I will have to find this Guy , never heard of Jeff Foxworthy either babe I'm a Brit but I Love discovering more American Comedians DDog used to post them to me on SH
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2035577)
Reply | +1 | 1

Never realized you are a Brit - no wonder you never heard of either of them. Yes, find them wherever you can. They've done shows with 2 other guys - Don White and Larry the Cable Guy - their acts aren't quite as clean as the first two, but still funny. My brother-in-law was a Brit. He passed away a few years ago - he was one of the kids that was sent out of London during the war. We watch a lot of the British produced shows on PBS - we love 'em. So well done, and so much better than here in the states.
says beachbum on Jul 21st 15 (#2035605)
Reply | +2 | 2

I have to admit Our British Comedy is outstanding There are so many Comedians from the USA that I Love and the Shows Like ......Curb your enthusiasm , just Love that Guy so funny
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2035836)
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Stereotyping people in general? Not everyone fits into this category. I guess it's too bad that some people are so stupid that they want to cuddle with dangerous predators but only the strong survive. Their mental weakness does them in.
says JerryHendrickson on Jul 21st 15 (#2035945)
Reply | +2 | 0

I think there are many who have a Strange affinity with Wild Animals and I could never see those Men & Women as Stupid Men like David Attenborough , The Crocodile Hunter and many more who admittedly do take huge risks in Life. I think you're absolutely right , not everyone fits into that Category <iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
says Darkest_Serenity on Jul 21st 15 (#2035967)
Reply | +1 | 2

We are not the most respectful or the humblest of animal.
says dru18 on Jul 21st 15 (#2036080)
Reply | +1 | 1

Mankind does not respect mankind itself.
says Inc_One on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036213)
Reply | +2 | 2

Nope. We are just as cruel with our own species.
says dru18 on Jul 22nd 15 (#2037325)
Reply | +1 | 1

I saw something like this on the news a while back. "Wild Bob Cat Found In Woman's Backyard!" The news cast and "victim" acted like the Bob cat wasn't supposed to be there, and even had animal control search for it. The woman lived really close to the woods... Humans in animal territory, not vice versa! Why doesn't man respect other animals... Probably cause we're at the top of the food chain and think we're superior because of that. :/
says Virtuosa on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036585)
Reply | +5 | 3

You and I are on the same page, Miss Ts. We put up subdivisions in areas, that animals for generations, have been calling home. And then we freak out when they don't get the memo. The Bob Cat was the real victim.
says dru18 on Jul 22nd 15 (#2037330)
Reply | +2 | 2

I completely agree. Reminds me of this:
says Virtuosa on Jul 22nd 15 (#2037381)
Reply | +1 | 1

LMAO!! That is a good one. Do you mind if I use it? Another horrible aspect of that park that the young woman lost her life in. Visitors are allowed to pet, feed, and play with five month old lion cubs. When the cubs grow up, they are consider too dangerous to be around tourists. So they are used in 'Can Hunts'. We are such a despicable, and GREEDY species. Anything for a buck.
says dru18 on Jul 22nd 15 (#2037400)
Reply | +1 | 1

Please use that pic. It needs to be spread. I think a lot of people are either greedy or just dumb. Common sense could save both people's lives and animal's lives, especially that woman's. (no)
says Virtuosa on Jul 23rd 15 (#2037549)
Reply | +1 | 1

Thank you! I love animals and want to help them in anyway I can. She was a native New Yorker, so we know she had street sense. But you are right. Where was the common sense?
says dru18 on Jul 23rd 15 (#2037685)
Reply | +2 | 2

They're too silly to take precautions. A kid also fell into a gang of black panthers. It's sad that he had no one to look after him better than that.
says Dami on Jul 22nd 15 (#2036965)
Reply | +2 | 2

That's horrible. Hear about the idiots who had the house full of "illegal" Boa's, and pythons. Their six year old son and one of his friends, paid the price for the parent's stupidity. People act like they KNOW animals, just because they have a love for them. I love animals too, and I show that, by keeping a respectful distance. You wouldn't go up to a strange dog. So why in the world, would you go up to a lion?
says dru18 on Jul 22nd 15 (#2037342)
Reply | +2 | 2

Yeah...The kid didn't die, but he was attacked. I remember the story on the news. He was leaning over the railing when he lost his balance...And he scared them to the point where they attacked him. He was young too. I bet his parents will be keeping him by the hand from now on. I haven't heard of that one. Snakes are beautiful creatures but not meant to be kept as pets... especially with the scary possibility of them being loose in the house! Yikes! I guess some people are either too clueless and naive to know what could go wrong, or they are just obnoxious jerks who think nothing bad can happen to them. Either way, they need to realize that the wild cannot be tamed...
says Dami on Jul 22nd 15 (#2037409)
Reply | +2 | 2

GREED was the problem with the cretins who owned the snakes. They had a store above their home, where they sold these snakes. They would let their two young sons play with them. It was illegal for them to have the snakes, and of course they didn't teach their kids boundaries. The little boy had a sleepover and decided in the middle of the night, along with a friend, to go up and play with the snakes. Both children lost their lives. The little guy with the panthers, was very lucky. I agree. It takes many many generations to tame one species of animal. And frankly, I think we need to leave them alone. We don't need to control everything.
says dru18 on Jul 22nd 15 (#2037422)
Reply | +2 | 2

Wow! It's almost like the parents never expected the kids to become curious and want to show off with the snakes. All of these stories about irresponsible parents.... (no)(n) Yep. I agree. I think it was a brutal warning for the parents. He was just being a clutz. I don't think he meant to provoke the panthers.. Let them be! The more people try to manipulate, the worse the outcomes are.
says Dami on Jul 23rd 15 (#2037437)
Reply | +1 | 1

Dami, ever see "The Island of Dr. Moreau"? Skip Brando's version and watch the earlier ones. Now that is a story of the ultimate violation of nature. Letting children wander aimlessly through a zoo, is the same as letting them play in a street. They are bound to get hurt.
says dru18 on Jul 23rd 15 (#2037506)
Reply | +1 | 1

Nope. Never! I totally agree with your quote though. Both are dangerous and children need supervision.
says Dami on Jul 25th 15 (#2041026)
Reply | +1 | 1

Who says we don't ?
says Brianl on Jul 24th 15 (#2039765)
Reply | +1 | 1

We don't. We take away their living space, we put them in zoo's and circus. Many species have become extinct since we came about. There use to be nine species of lions and tigers. Now it is down to three. Thanks to poaching, and the great trophy hunts of the 1800's. The wolves were almost extinct in the seventies. And if the ranchers have their way, they will be again.
says dru18 on Jul 24th 15 (#2040212)
Reply | +3 | 1

yea, what you said, let's a break from: if you like your plan you can keep your plan gotta vote on the bill, before you see what in the bill what happened to that lion is Evil I can say the same for what planned parenthood does to babies ISIS is Evil -- Mexico search for 43 missing students has turned up 60 mass graves with 129 bodies Good don't always win the day Evil will get it's fair share Sometimes Good comes with the highest of Price Chinese woman trapped in escalator dies, but saves toddler son
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jul 28th 15 (#2044694)
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says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Oct 22nd 15 (#2133809)
Reply | +2 | 2
says dru18 on Oct 26th 15 (#2137671)
Reply | 0 | 0

Many people do, although most are quite selective about just which non-human animals they choose to care about or "respect". As far those instances you've referred to, I'm not sure lack of respect for the animals has much to do with those tragedies. People foolishly get caught up in a moment, and perhaps lose sight of the danger. The dead woman didn't learn anything, obviously, being dead and all.
says Piper2 on Nov 4th 15 (#2147534)
Reply | +1 | 1

No, she didn't. And I feel for her family. She seemed like a nice young lady who only wanted to help animals. Nobody should have to die like that. But hopefully her lack of judgement will teach others that lions need to be respected. That means, keeping your distance from them I have read so many instances where someone gets a little too familiar. A man pulled his car over during a traffic jam, got out, and proceeded to try to pet some Grizzly bear cubs. Luckily, a police officer got to him before MOM did.
says dru18 on Nov 4th 15 (#2147554)
Reply | +1 | 1

I have also seen and read about many such sad events.
says Piper2 on Nov 5th 15 (#2147637)
Reply | +1 | 1

Cubs=Teddy Bears Lions= house cats We wouldn't get in the car with a stranger, but we would pet a wild animal.
says dru18 on Nov 5th 15 (#2148653)
Reply | +1 | 0

ever see a Snake eat a Man's leg? now you have I so like this picture file it under culture clash
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Nov 5th 15 (#2147641)
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Yeah, you would like that picture, because it is pure fantasy. Surely someone of your background and experience knows that the "Big Bad Wolf" is only a legend.
says dru18 on Nov 5th 15 (#2148647)
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I hear shark attacks are caused by global warming that's some funny shit right there man here, have some some more funny shit man I got some Partridge, you wanna see'm? they are cleaned... well cept the birdshot, I remove those when I am ready to slice an fry'em right after I dip in milk, flour, egg and milk again :)
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Nov 8th 15 (#2152144)
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Some silly bible stuff probably --Genesis 9:3 - Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jan 10th 18 (#2711196)
Reply | +2 | 2

So, God was supporting the use of medical marijuana? I didn't know that.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 10th 18 (#2711211)
Reply | +1 | 1

Why isn't anyone complaining about the silly **, who decided to take a photo of the tiger (using flash) in the famous Vegas magic show? The bloody tiger freaked out and bit the magician to the neck, just because she had to take a photograph with her phone, when it had been made clear, that no photos can be taken during the show. Now, that one I'd call a **.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 10th 18 (#2711212)
Reply | +2 | 2

The kid I understand, you can't blame a child because it knows no better. But adults purposefully ignoring warnings against wild animals, come on now no adult should be dumb enough to think that a wild animal is not dangerous.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jan 10th 18 (#2711219)
Reply | 0 | 0

Easy. Humans are full of toxic ego. They think they're special and above animals. They even think animals don't have souls, but they do. It's maddening.
says Trish on Jan 10th 18 (#2711257)
Reply | +1 | 1

I once visited Glacier National Park and while driving, I came up to a place where several people were out of their cars, pointing and taking photographs. Then I saw what all the hubbub was about: a baby grizzly bear. It was probably a hundred meters off the road but still. Are you f#cking insane?!?
says PhilboydStudge on Jan 10th 18 (#2711339)
Reply | +1 | 1

And that is how mom bear is killed, because we are so stupid at times. We are the only animal that willing puts our face int that of another animal.
says dru18 on Jan 10th 18 (#2711380)
Reply | +2 | 2

Sounds like you're projecting. Plenty of people respect animals.
says Walt_OReagun on Jan 10th 18 (#2711362)
Reply | 0 | 0

And too many don't.
says dru18 on Jan 10th 18 (#2711381)
Reply | +1 | 2

What some people can't understand, is that if you have a wild animal park, there are going to be wild animals that "act" like wild animals. While it would be nice if these wild animal parks and nature preserves were shut away from humans and the animals were allowed to exist in their natural environment, it's just going to happen. What does a wild animal park and a nature preserve both have in common? They cost a lot of money to operate. Tourist and paying visitors help pay that cost. No matter how many restrictions and how many rules we put in place, there are always going to be the idiots who ignore the rules and those who believe that the rules don't apply to them. When that happens, people are going to get hurt or killed. (Perhaps it's better in the long run that some of these people have helped remove themselves from the gene pool) There are a number of solutions. A person could only drive through the park in a rented park vehicle that the windows don't roll down in and the doors can only be opened from the outside by a park official. There would be a park with viewing areas along with live video feeds to monitors. The list goes on. Like anything else in life, we just can't protect stupid people from themselves all the time.
says JustJimColo on Jan 18th 18 (#2713390)
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