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You're having a really bad day. After getting fired from your job you total your vehicle. You arrive home early to find your fiancé in bed with the pastor. So, where was your God that day?
says Sukiesnow on Oct 24th 15 (#783904)


The same place he's always been.. I won't mope,i'll call Jerry Springer,make me some money with all that drama..
says DandyDon on Oct 24th 15 (#2136241)
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That would make a great soap opera, wouldn't it? lol
says StarzAbove on Oct 24th 15 (#2136245)
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Probably get 2 or 3 shows out of that lol
says DandyDon on Oct 24th 15 (#2136251)
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Probably a lot more than that, those soaps go on and on and on.
says StarzAbove on Oct 24th 15 (#2136261)
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says DandyDon on Oct 24th 15 (#2136262)
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You missed the part about having lunch with his 16-year-old daughter and finding out she is pregnant...and with a lad he didn't know about and whose skin colour and background is much different than hers. That's before coming home to catch the fiancé.
says Sukiesnow on Oct 24th 15 (#2136337)
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Oh...That's a whole week of episodes. I'll be back on my feet in no time..
says DandyDon on Oct 24th 15 (#2136339)
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says StarzAbove on Oct 25th 15 (#2136650)
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says DandyDon on Oct 25th 15 (#2136742)
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says StarzAbove on Oct 25th 15 (#2136769)
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says DandyDon on Oct 25th 15 (#2136779)
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In Heaven, you can't blame God for what us sinners do, we have free choice.
says StarzAbove on Oct 24th 15 (#2136244)
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At work getting fired.
says PhilboydStudge on Oct 24th 15 (#2136247)
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Sounds like an annoying car insurance commercial. (biggrin)
says Piper2 on Oct 24th 15 (#2136293)
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What does.
says Sukiesnow on Oct 24th 15 (#2136319)
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The first sentence of the question. Where a person's "God" is when they feel forsaken, is not something I feel free or wish to mock.
says Piper2 on Oct 24th 15 (#2136363)
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Well then, let it be a Question you ponder over with yourself. :-) This Question is based on a true story of a neighbour who was always down on his luck, even though he and his family were as good Christians as the rest of us.
says Sukiesnow on Oct 24th 15 (#2136367)
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God is credited with all the good stuff that happens, but none of the "really bad day" stuff. In those cases God was occupied elsewhere, or simply giving us another test of faith. If God knows all and sees all, why the need to be somewhere else when we're getting fired. Why test our faith if God already knows everything. Some of religion is filled with contradictions.
says Daver on Oct 24th 15 (#2136399)
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Right there beside me with my faith in HIM to help me be strong to get me through that bad day..... instead of whining to my friends ASKING them "why is this happening to me". Those of us who have a deep faith in God, know that everything(good or bad) happens for a REASON, that we won't know WHY until we pass on when we finally meet HIM. Those of you who don't believe in God, will belive once you pass on and find out that that He has always loved you unconditionally even though you didn't believe in Him or love Him.
says Gronk17 on Oct 24th 15 (#2136418)
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Other religions also purport that "everything happens for a reason''.
says Sukiesnow on Oct 29th 15 (#2140738)
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@ sukiesnow, you know damn well that I was inferring to my Christian faith, but because you're obviously anti-religion, your comment of "Other religions also purport that everything happens for a reason" was a clear dig at the Muslim faith that has been taken over by RADICAL Muslims, so your comment was clearly meant to INFER that anyone who has religious beliefs can one day become ISIS like because of their religious beliefs...and you know deep down inside that was your intent with your post.
says Gronk17 on Oct 30th 15 (#2141361)
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Actually I was thinking of Bhuddism. But, yeah...maybe a bit.
says Sukiesnow on Oct 30th 15 (#2141365)
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@ sukiesnow.....ugh, you KNOW you were inferring to the Muslim faith and NOT towards Buddhism. As a wise man stated(not verbatim) "it's better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt"
says Gronk17 on Oct 30th 15 (#2141375)
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No...I'm Canadian and was involved with Bhuddism for a fraction of time...we don't think about the Muslim religion much.... Good quote but sometimes it is better to speak than remain silent...some people are afraid to speak...and really what do others matter... I should say good heart's not in this convo but thank you...
says Sukiesnow on Oct 30th 15 (#2141378)
Reply | 0 | 0've spelled wrong TWICE now your supposed former religious beliefs of Buddhism as BHUDDISM, which is a clear indicator that you googled that religion and took the first spelling that popped up of that religion on the internet. Doing shit like that only makes you come across as disingenuous, therefor not to be taken seriously on any topic on the this website that you post or comment on.
says Gronk17 on Oct 30th 15 (#2141383)
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MAN creates his/her own problems. And unfortuantely, problems for everything else.
says dru18 on Oct 27th 15 (#2138638)
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In Heaven. Man chose the dark side, and as long as there’s enough “dark matter” to go around, situations like these will arise.
says Masha on Jan 13th 18 (#2711816)
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Well, there is always something...
says ajmsituation on Jan 13th 18 (#2711826)
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My God was definitely not with the pastor; he was hangin out with me.
says JerryHendrickson on Jan 13th 18 (#2711878)
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Laughing at your presumption that He Gives A Damn about your petty life.
says Walt_OReagun on Jan 16th 18 (#2712892)
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Ah yet you just presumed that He doesn't give a damn... how do YOU know He doesn't give a damn, clearly you have inside info lol!
says Gronk17 on Jan 17th 18 (#2713218)
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I think the actual history of the world shows there are only 2 likely choices: 1 - There is NO god. 2 - If there is an ("all knowing" and "all powerful") god ... He left His Creation completely on its own. Sure, there are other choices - but they are not likely, given the actual history of this world and the state it is in.
says Walt_OReagun on Jan 17th 18 (#2713253)
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You only gave me your OPIONION as to why you believe there is no God....what actual proof do you have to KNOW that He doesn't give a damn about me? Look, you are free to believe the way you want to believe of there being no God, and I honestly respect your right to believe that way....but what I don't get about Atheists is WHY you Atheists continually want to convince those who do believe in God to question their belief in God? I mean come on, if you don't even believe in God why is He the focus of you all trying to convince people that there isn't a God??? Why not just go about your lives of not believing in a God, instead of trying to convince people to believe the WAY YOU DO that there isn't a can you not see the blatant irony??
says Gronk17 on Jan 19th 18 (#2713745)
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WHY do you "Christians" try to force your beliefs on everybody else? Why do *I* fight back against belief in a deity? Because people believing in god has led to violence on a scale so vast it is mind-boggling. Billions of people murdered. Billions more oppressed and persecuted. Not to mention the attached belief that "the devil made me do it", and lack of personal responsibility for one's own actions. I see no irony in trying to explain to people that there is no evidence of a deity. Just like there is none explaining that there is no evidence for Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, leprechauns, unicorns, Sharknados, etc, etc, etc. As the saying goes: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
says Walt_OReagun on Jan 19th 18 (#2713840)
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Nope YOU are the one trying to force YOUR anti-God beliefs onto others....I clearly stated in my post to you that I RESPECTED your beliefs/opinions as a non-believer, yet you instead interpreted my response as me FORCING my belief in God onto you where I did no such thing. Look, you clearly have some issues going on in your personal life that are awful, therefore most likely why you feel there can no way be a God given all you've been through as well as the awful/horrendous atrocities that have happened/still happening around the world...and I get that, because even I as a Christian also get so frustrated with all the evil minded people in our world and the atrocities that happen to the good decent people in our world....the answer to all that ails the world is NOT to lose faith in God but to instead lose faith in the POLITICIANS controlling those sh*thole countries.... and for the "progressives" in OUR country to take off their rose colored glasses to instead really look into WHY decades long Democrat run cities and states are also sh*tholes that resemble the sh*thole countries that President Trump was referring to. In my liberal state there are soooooo MANY(too many) sh*thole cities that look exactly like a 3rd world sh*thole country, YET year after year/decade after decade their Democrat politicians representing those hell holes get the most state and federal dollars for their city leaders to spend that money to supposedly "improve" their cities...that NEVER HAPPENS, instead they become sanctuary cities that harbor illegals, drug dealers and drug addicts. Wake up.
says Gronk17 on Jan 20th 18 (#2714032)
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