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I believe in teaching abstinence to teens. How about you?
says Anonymous on May 23rd 16 (#792440)


I don't. Teaching abstinence doesn't reduce STDs or teen pregnancy. Parents can opt their kids out of sеx-ed and teach what they want, but for the kids who do learn it in school, they should be able to learn the information about safe sеx and everything; keeping them in the dark doesn't help. It just ensures that when some of them DO have sеx (because they will), they won't be informed.
says Thibault on May 23rd 16 (#2308286)
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You can teach them that all you want, but it rarely works.
says JerryHendrickson on May 23rd 16 (#2308289)
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The more you try to stop kids doing what they want, the more they will do it's best to talk to them and explain all the dangers and hope they listen to you...
says JD on May 23rd 16 (#2308299)
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Anonymous - 'having no outstanding, individual, or unusual features; unremarkable or impersonal.'
says Budwick on May 23rd 16 (#2308304)
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It's not realistic. Best you can teach them is to be prepared.
says dru18 on May 24th 16 (#2308432)
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I know many teens and young adults who are abstinent based on religious reasons. If parents teach their children about abstinent and explain the importance of waiting before the corrupted society gets to them, it is possible. You just have to be dedicated.
says cali93 on May 24th 16 (#2308728)
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And marrying young and having children before they are in their early twenties. If it works I am all for it. I'm just not sure it does.
says dru18 on May 24th 16 (#2308980)
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Don't forget math!!!
says Quatzolect on May 24th 16 (#2308586)
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Yes, I do too. My future children will most likely be homeschooled or attend private school. By the time I have children there's no telling what public schools will be teaching then. My parents never taught me about abstinence or courting. Matter of fact they didn't teach any of us about **** or the teachings of the Bible. So it wasn't till I was almost 21 until I began exploring Christianity more. Now I am a firm believer in waiting and I will teach my kids about staying pure for Christ. It's better to teach your kids before the world does. I know it's hard for people to believe that there are children who will wait til marriage if you're really dedicated to teaching them. If you're not, then they won't wait.
says cali93 on May 24th 16 (#2308745)
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Then you must also believe in miracles. There's nothing wrong with teaching abstinence, but teens are going to want to explore and when those hormones kick in, they would be better off having been taught how to prevent pregnancies and avoid STDs and worse.
says Linnster on Aug 12th 17 (#2627378)
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I believe in teaching it as an option, yes. But i am also realistic. Teaching it as the only option rarely works. We are better off teaching them how to be prepared. Teaching it as the only option won't reduce stds and teen pregnancy. I am 21 and when I was a teenager, I did what I wanted regardless of what others expected me to do.
says DakotaErdmann on Aug 12th 17 (#2627410)
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Teaching safe **** will be a skill that will see them through their entire life. Teaching abstinence will most likely fail then they'll posdibly end up pregnant or with an STI or both.
says OzSurfer on Aug 12th 17 (#2627416)
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I believe in teaching them to use proper protection so they dont end up doing stupid things. The virgins of the world are the most ****, remember that. Abstinence backfires heavily.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Aug 12th 17 (#2627500)
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yes, because **** is powerful and they are too immature
says graceriversschmidt on Aug 12th 17 (#2627614)
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Not at all. It doesn't work. They need real life, applicable education. They don't need puritanical garbage. Ignorance is not bliss when STDs and unplanned pregnancies are involved.
says Trish on Aug 12th 17 (#2627653)
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Just say no?? That's your solution? Why? Because it's worked so well in the past?
says urwutuis on Aug 12th 17 (#2627838)
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it worked for me
says shinrin on Aug 23rd 17 (#2636658)
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