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How do you go about obtaining your life's goals?
says Houston on Jun 2nd 16 (#792809)


I worked out what I wanted at an early age and set my goals and I got everything I wanted..and have had a great life...
says JD on Jun 2nd 16 (#2314096)
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Most people do not do Step 1, which is set goals for themselves. Once you have reasonable goals, just get to work and keep your eye on the prize.
says PhilboydStudge on Jun 2nd 16 (#2314132)
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Just do it.
says BlindMist on Aug 12th 17 (#2627554)
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Usually, I just rely on passion to keep me motivated but sometimes it's not enough. A plan is what's best. It's good to see each obstacle along the way as a challenge and tackle it rather than become so caught up in what's wrong and decide something isn't worth it.
says damirawrz98 on Aug 13th 17 (#2628431)
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