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Body-shaming is another evil usage of social media. Or do you have to put up with what you get given...? (+11)
says Sukiesnow on Aug 12th 16 (#796161)
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You weren't given that. You can work on your body. It's possible, believe it or not.
says _Mike_ on Aug 12th 16 (#2362361)
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Body shaming is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Wonder who came up with that? Everyone is so darn sensitive now a days, get over it.
says Synyster on Aug 12th 16 (#2362363)
Reply | +4 | 4's all over FB and Twitter...plug in...
says Sukiesnow on Aug 15th 16 (#2364405)
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I know it's on FB ... It's everywhere, just like LGBT and Black matters.
says Synyster on Aug 15th 16 (#2364505)
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I don't blame social media, just the people doing the shaming.. shame on them... oh wait! (eek)
says OzSurfer on Aug 12th 16 (#2362427)
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We are completely surrounded by idiots and ****. What more can you say.
says Tiffanee on Aug 12th 16 (#2362429)
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When you purposely make other people feel bad for what they look you're moronic, if not worse. And when people get all offended when someone shows care for their health, being too skinny or too fat, and call it body shaming, you need a reality check. Last year, around this day, I used to be obese. I was at risk at having a heart attack because of the fat I had in my body, standing for too long was painful, I was exhausted way quicker than normal. I was in a really bad shape - so when my mother, who's a nurse, came talk to me about the need to lose weight, I saw it for what it was: worry about my safe-being. Of course, when you want to show you care, try not to be an **** about it. That might help avoid misunderstandings.
says Sofia on Aug 12th 16 (#2362443)
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So true what you have said, and I'm glad too that your health is improving, and it's great you have some good support at home to help. Tiff is right, people need to worry about themselves rather than judging other people.
says OzSurfer on Aug 12th 16 (#2362471)
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My mum is awesome :D Yeah, that's true.
says Sofia on Aug 12th 16 (#2362472)
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Great Post & Congratulations!
says Budwick on Aug 12th 16 (#2362607)
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Thank you :)
says Sofia on Aug 12th 16 (#2362609)
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Congratulations... But have you heard about all the body shaming incidents on FB and Twitter? On perfect bodies...
says Sukiesnow on Aug 15th 16 (#2364404)
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I've seen enough at Tumblr.
says Sofia on Aug 16th 16 (#2364990)
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not sure what you mean, but if you ask me the worst type of body hate is allowing yourself to get fat or not to warn someone that obesity can kill. obesity is the number one killer (aside from abortion), in North america. but to make fun of someone because of their weight is wrong. to tell them they need to smarten up or they might die at 40 is not bad, in fact if you cared for someone you would tell them that obesity is bad. if not for looks do it for your health and future.
says Anonymousmouse on Aug 16th 16 (#2364954)
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There are incidences on social media where they attack people and body shame them... Not everyone can have a perfect body and even those get attacked... Not everyone wants to be or can be at their ideal weight, and that is no reason to make fun of people.
says Sukiesnow on Aug 16th 16 (#2365039)
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yes I agree making fun of people is wrong. and i know everyone has a different body type, but it is obvious when someone is purer and simply obese. im not taking about those with 20% fat and exercise, im talking about those who are 30+ percent fat and don;t exercise, its not healthy, its very bad for you.
says Anonymousmouse on Aug 16th 16 (#2365058)
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I agree...what's not to agree? But still, have some empathy with complex lives where going to the gym isn't always possible...
says Sukiesnow on Aug 16th 16 (#2365072)
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don't need a gym to exercise, all you need is motivation and your body weight, and for cardio, go for an actual run, don;t need a treadmill
says Anonymousmouse on Aug 16th 16 (#2365271)
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Good response, but what if someone is in their 60s and has had multiple surgeries? Or what if someone hates running? Or cycling? While I agree a person can keep an eye on their dietary requirements...a brisk walk at night isn't gonna take the pounds off... So, really, we are down to just mainly watching one's diet...unless you are under 30 and in perfect health...
says Sukiesnow on Aug 16th 16 (#2365517)
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well walking is just as good, you don;t need to run, their is almost always a physical activity that suits ones needs, does not have to be intensive to be beneficial. hating something is no excuse, i absolutely HATE running, i do it anyways. because i know i need it, and its good for me. if you are fit and in shape yes walking won;t do much, but for a sedentary person, walking would be very beneficial and would help loose weight (if overweight), and eating healthy is important too. diet and exercise are imo equally important, and one does not need to be in perfect health to exercise, they just need to watch what they are doing and at what intensity.
says Anonymousmouse on Aug 16th 16 (#2365651)
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It is ridiculous.
says Gorankoilic on Apr 1st 17 (#2535655)
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Our media culture is so distorted and has young people too engaged on outer beauty. Expectations are unrealistic and at the core of everything true beauty still comes from within.
says Jaxxi on Apr 21st 17 (#2550656)
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This shaming stuff on social media is just another form of bullying!
says ZeeGee on Apr 21st 17 (#2550721)
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Life is not Disneyland, you have to put up with things a lot worse than someone calling you fat
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Apr 21st 17 (#2550741)
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I get called fat and harassed almost daily
says Trish on Apr 21st 17 (#2550858)
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To put it bluntly:
says Masha on Apr 21st 17 (#2551084)
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