now you can be right wherever you are.

Have you tried keeping your thoughts to yourself?
says Tiffanee on Sep 19th 16 (#798281)


Doing it on a regular. Only thing is that I won't succeed each and every time. Lol.
says TOYDWTK on Sep 19th 16 (#2391556)
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Plenty of times.
says MidnightCowboy on Sep 19th 16 (#2391567)
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Of course. Some people aren't open to receiving different ideas or answers. Sometimes you do it just to be polite. A good, and humorous example I think is worth bringing up was, I forget where I was or how I got into this conversation, but I met a woman who believed there were only 6 continents. I tried to correct her, and she told me, "Well, I don't believe Antarctica counts as a continent because it's just a block of ice." I tried to tell her it IS a continent, again, there are 7, but she told me that was just my opinion. So, yeah, some people confuse "facts" with "opinions" and change the "facts" to match there own views. I chose to just say, "Ok" rather than opening my mouth and comment any further.
says NormalNobody on Sep 19th 16 (#2391589)
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If I'm not in the conversation I usually stay out of it, but if I'm in it, I usually say exactly what I think.
says Will_Janitor on Sep 19th 16 (#2391646)
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Can't, especially when these idiots who think "bro" is black or white slang keep pervading the air with their mouth about how it is It's Spanish/Italian slang, not black or white.
says AdamNY on Sep 21st 16 (#2393022)
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Always. I let very few flutter through, typically I only go all out when attacked or in the face of obvious obsurdety.
says DW2 on Sep 27th 16 (#2398206)
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Yes, I rarely ever share my thoughts. I like to think a lot which results in me having not many friends to share my thoughts with.
says Nightturned on Sep 27th 16 (#2398310)
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Too often.
says Cantstop on Sep 27th 16 (#2398357)
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Among people I know- no. I use to but others have a way of adding their commentary. Speak for yourself or they'll speak for you.
says MyganAshton on Sep 27th 16 (#2398406)
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Yeah, and it hasn't worked half the time - I suck. As far as the forgiveness write up, that's true of some people and not so much with others :-
says PartyOfOne on Sep 28th 16 (#2398749)
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Yes, but some people mistake silence for agreeing. Plus there's times I regret not speaking up when I see something I know isn't right or when I see harm being done to someone. That's compassion for others. When I speak up for myself its self-respect.
says MyganAshton on Dec 19th 16 (#2455106)
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Yepper, thats i came on here..
says Carla on Dec 19th 16 (#2455172)
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