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Do you feel fortunate to have the life you have? If yes, why? If no, why not?
says Cantstop on Nov 29th 16 (#801713)


I have been truly blessed. A good husband, good kids, nice material things as well; nothing is ever perfect but I'm very happy with my life.
says StarzAbove on Nov 29th 16 (#2442431)
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I'm an American first and foremost. I was raised on a farm with a mom and a dad who loved me, and I had a tremendous extended family. I have a lot to be very thankful for, and it's never been lost on me. I try to pay that forward.
says Freeranger on Nov 29th 16 (#2442439)
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I feel fortunate because I have seen a lot of people in the world that are much less fortunate.
says Will_Janitor on Nov 29th 16 (#2442440)
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I am very fortunate to have been born in the U.S.A.. from which every good thing in my life stems. I have family, friends, my health, a good job and want for nothing.
says Linnster on Nov 29th 16 (#2442442)
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I love my wife; my kids turned out amazing, I enjoy what I do for a living and for recreation, and I'm good to go financially and will be set for retirement. So, yes.
says JerryHendrickson on Nov 29th 16 (#2442448)
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Yes and no. I have a social life that a lot of people would be jealous of but I also have a job that is slowly killing me with its hours.
says Tiffanee on Nov 29th 16 (#2442454)
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Hmmmm.....sounds like choices need to be made?
says Cantstop on Nov 29th 16 (#2442459)
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Yeah I do. It could be better but there is always someone worse off than me. So I decide to feel blessed.
says DakotaErdmann on Nov 29th 16 (#2442462)
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Yes. My daughter and stepdaughter are such blessings in my life. I've completely recovered from aortic valve surgery and am relatively healthy as I approach retirement in 2017. I've known true love in my lifetime. So much to make me thankful!
says JanHaskell on Nov 29th 16 (#2442463)
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Yes I am lucky to be alive. In the USA I have all I need to live, Of course I wish to win the lottery and have more than I need.(biggrin) I have really thought about winning-They say when you believe it will happen. So I plan to get myself a new house, then give the rest to the homeless shelter in some way.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Nov 29th 16 (#2442516)
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Why is this in the "**** Addiction" section? That makes me suspicious.
says SmartAZ on Nov 29th 16 (#2442523)
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Lol..I just hate picking a topic
says Cantstop on Nov 29th 16 (#2442530)
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And how does it happen that we have the word "****" in the title of a section but the site won't allow that word to be printed? Why not just have a section titled with all stars?
says SmartAZ on Nov 29th 16 (#2442531)
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All I see is "Bliss" up top. Maybe they changed it? I guess that still works though. Ha!
says Will_Janitor on Nov 30th 16 (#2443155)
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Yes,I've seen extremes in many areas - I've seen wealth, poverty, courage, cowardice. After being lonely I found the people who "got" me, lost them, but in the process met the kind of people I never would have known if I had stayed in my bubble. Life has taught me a lot. That plastic fruit looks best, but real fruit tastes better. That partners aren't chased, but found with time. Most importantly, I am very lucky that I survived the trap of doing anything for the sake of doing something that young adults run into.
says MyganAshton on Nov 29th 16 (#2442546)
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Yes...It could always be worse..
says DandyDon on Nov 30th 16 (#2442556)
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From a young age my parents taught us kids that we were lucky to be born into a middle-class American family. They taught us that we are no different from anyone else, and that the main reason we were relatively wealthy (compared to the rest of the world) was of dumb luck. With depression it's sometimes difficult for me appreciate that fact, but I still know it to be true.
says PhilboydStudge on Nov 30th 16 (#2442629)
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I feel very lucky. The beginning was really bad but with hard work, doing the right thing and having great people in my life now, things are going very well. I feel lucky to have had the opportunities to make a life for myself and family and when there were no opportunities - I made them for myself.
says ozzyboy on Nov 30th 16 (#2442641)
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Physically I feel so much luckier than most, it's almost like I won the genetic lottery. Socially thought it's been the opposite, just a lifetime struggle to fit in anywhere.
says OzSurfer on Nov 30th 16 (#2442793)
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Awwww, you fit in here just fine.(biggrin)
says ozzyboy on Nov 30th 16 (#2443039)
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Hey thanks!! that means a lot! (smile)
says OzSurfer on Nov 30th 16 (#2443110)
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I'm more blessed than anything because I woke up this morning not many did
says symplycurious on Nov 30th 16 (#2442898)
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I'm blessed, I love my life great friends and family where I live and have enough to enjoy my life...
says JD on Nov 30th 16 (#2442920)
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Yes, indeed I do, and because there is someone out there that is always worse off than what I am.
says StephenB on Dec 1st 16 (#2443372)
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Yes because I'm not homeless
says bird1986 on Dec 1st 16 (#2443392)
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Yes. But the life I has, wasn't handed to me. I worked hard for it.
says JustJimColo on Dec 21st 16 (#2456534)
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Yes, for the upbringing my parents provided, for the wonderful siblings I've had, for not having to deal with poverty while living under my parents' roof, for my wonderful children and extended family members, for exerience I've had under certain employers, and the list go on...
says PartyOfOne on Jan 12th 18 (#2711645)
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