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🎼 Have you ever been completely baffled by song lyrics? 🎼
says Tiffanee on Jan 30th 17 (#804346)


Frank Zappa - Evelyn, a modified dog Evelyn, a modified dog Viewed the quivering fringe of a special doily Draped across the piano, with some surprise In the darkened room Where the chairs dismayed And the horrible curtains Muffled the rain She could hardly believe her eyes A curious breeze A garlic breath Which sounded like a snore Somewhere near the Steinway (or even from within) Had caused the doily fringe to waft & tremble in the gloom Evelyn, a dog, having undergone Further modification Pondered the significance of short-person behavior In pedal-depressed panchromatic resonance And other highly ambient domains . . . Arf she said
says Tiffanee on Jan 30th 17 (#2483987)
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Ha ha ha... I don't pay much attention to lyrics unless they are repeated in a chorus...
says Sukiesnow on Jan 30th 17 (#2483994)
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Bands like Yes and King Crimson leave me confused with their lyrics sometimes. You can read the lyrics a 100 times over and find a different meaning each time. But maybe that is a good thing or maybe I am just too high? (punk)
says Tiffanee on Jan 30th 17 (#2483999)
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Your high
says Carla on Jan 30th 17 (#2484036)
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says Tiffanee on Jan 30th 17 (#2484037)
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A high Tiffanee is a happy Tiff. :)
says Sukiesnow on Jan 30th 17 (#2484339)
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Pretty much anything written after 1985
says VicZinc on Jan 30th 17 (#2484007)
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I Am the Walrus By the Beatles I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together See how they run like pigs from a gun See how they fly I'm crying Sitting on a cornflakeWaiting for the van to come Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday Man you've been a naughty boy You let your face grow long I am the eggman They are the eggmen I am the walrus Goo goo g' joob......
says Will_Janitor on Jan 30th 17 (#2484203)
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Yeah what is Stuck inside of Mobile with The Memphis Blues again mean. Not just that title line, but like the whole thing featuring lyrics like "He smoked my eyelids and punched my cigarette" and "when He built a fire on main street and shot it fulla holes"
says TomboyJanet on Jan 31st 17 (#2485095)
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says tomjackson on Feb 17th 17 (#2499887)
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Almost anything by The Beatles. Like there was this one song about a weirdo who went around smashing people's skulls with a silver hammer. And these characters sang a song about that! WTF?
says SmartAZ on Feb 18th 17 (#2500322)
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