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So who believes in personal freedom AND national security?
says JerryHendrickson on Feb 17th 17 (#805372)
Democrats (2)
Republicans (2)
Neither, that's the Libertarian Creed. (0)
Other (4)


Human beings.
says Tiffanee on Feb 17th 17 (#2499762)
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Neither Democrats NOR Republicans.
says JerryHendrickson on Feb 17th 17 (#2499771)
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Unfortunately that party never runs for office
says Carla on Feb 17th 17 (#2499791)
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They run; they just never win because the media discounts them. They tell us all than only R's and D's can possibly win. We eat it up and just do what they say. We're a nation of television zombies. We don't even begin to think for ourselves.
says JerryHendrickson on Feb 17th 17 (#2499793)
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That is how we ended up in the place we are. That is my thought. Reality tv, gone amuck
says Carla on Feb 17th 17 (#2499801)
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I certainly do. I really cannot agree with you that the Rs are ultimately better than the Ds, though. They might talk more of what I believe in (smaller government, for example), but I have yet to see their talk transformed into results of any great consequence. Both sides want to restrict our freedoms, just different freedoms. They both want to redistribute wealth, it is just that each want different entities to be the beneficiaries of that redistribution. Both perpetuate bigger government and foreign entanglements, and both have effectively made a mockery of our Constitution.
says Bozette on Feb 17th 17 (#2499827)
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Hear, here.
says PhilboydStudge on Feb 17th 17 (#2499901)
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And they both want to keep their power - regardless of what is best for America and Americans.
says beachbum on Feb 17th 17 (#2500001)
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Yep. That is also true of bureaucrats, who wield a great deal of power and are the authors of the majority of the laws in this country (administrative law). Between the pols and the bureaucrats, our federal government just continues to grow.
says Bozette on Feb 17th 17 (#2500015)
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Americans, minus the politicians on both sides.
says JustJimColo on Feb 17th 17 (#2499903)
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Both Republicans and Democrats play national security and personal liberty lip service. For the most part, both have done a good job providing us security. I never worry about being invaded, bombed, coerced, embargoed, etc.. The Atlantic and Pacific oceans also deserve credit. Regarding personal freedoms, both Republicans and Democrats get failing grades from me. Am I free to do whatever I want on my own property, or even inside my own house? No. 1 out of every 4 prisoners in the world are incarcerated in the "Land of the Free". The US has only 5% of the world's population, but 25% of its prisoners. Also worth noting: While only 13% of the US population is African American they account for 40% of the people behind bars. https://endnewjimcrowde.files.w...ation-rate.png
says PhilboydStudge on Feb 17th 17 (#2499913)
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I would live to only have 13% of the black population behind bars. The only way that's going to happen is if they only commit 13% of the crimes. The reason we have so many people in prisons in the US is because we have so many people committing crimes. Cut the crime and it cuts the number in prison.
says JustJimColo on Feb 21st 17 (#2503019)
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