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If you make an appointment and just don't show up, you're either very forgetful or inconsiderate. Your time is no more important than the person(s) providing you service. (+18)
says JerryHendrickson on Feb 17th 17 (#805378)
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I agree 100%. That goes for people cancelling 15 minutes before a meeting.
says Synyster on Feb 17th 17 (#2499893)
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I agree, so my suggestion is not to book that person in the future.
says Linnster on Feb 17th 17 (#2499894)
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I always call people if I am not going to show up.
says Tiffanee on Feb 17th 17 (#2499896)
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The flip side of that is when you make an appointment and have to wait for 2 hours. Our time is as important as the one we made the appointment with.
says JustJimColo on Feb 17th 17 (#2499899)
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I was going to make the same comment
says PhilboydStudge on Feb 17th 17 (#2500150)
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I hate it when people are late or don't show, unless I get a phone call ....the worst is when your home is up for sale and someone makes an appointment and no show, gets me really go to a lot of effort and clean and tidy your home and sit there waiting...
says JD on Feb 17th 17 (#2499920)
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If I can't make it to an appointment which it is extremely rare not to do so then I call in advance to reschedule. I know that there are others that might need that appointment time so it is just the polite thing to do. Sometimes I do think people actually do forget. I mean heck sometimes I forget the day of the week myself and have came close to missing an appointment. Sometimes people are like "Oh well" I will just make another and not care. A friend of mine that runs a business actually charges a small fee for those that cancel without notice unless it was a valid reason they couldn't contact her. Rarely does she now have a person to just cancel without notice.
says Lil_Princess on Feb 17th 17 (#2499930)
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If i cannot make an appointment, i always call. I dont like to be late, i i dont like to be kept waiting.
says Carla on Feb 17th 17 (#2499932)
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That is rude...and one good reason I can think of for having a cell phone. And the excuse might be "I'm sorry I can't make my appt since I'm in the hospital having my baby..."
says Sukiesnow on Feb 17th 17 (#2499949)
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I just looked because i thought you had video of those two girls fighting..
says DandyDon on Feb 18th 17 (#2500258)
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Yes and I feel that way towards the dr practitioners as well. One time i had an appointment they kept me wait so very long every time I finally left a note on the exam table saying my time is important too, walked out and got a new dr.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Feb 18th 17 (#2500337)
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Definitely a pet peeve of mine. And honestly half an hour late without calling is just as bad as not showing up.
says DW2 on Feb 18th 17 (#2500354)
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But you could also have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and you can learn ways to minimize the negative effects of ADD in your life.
says tomjackson on Feb 18th 17 (#2500632)
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Agree it's so rude!! but whats going on in that pic? IT looks like something I wanna be doing but with fists and boxing gloves.....why Didn't I get into boxing?
says TomboyJanet on Feb 18th 17 (#2500720)
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I couldn't find anything better but the slap could be taken in 2 ways. It could be me wanting to slap somebody for wasting my time and energy. It could signify that blowing me off is a slap in the face but I just couldn't find anything better. You're still young enough to box right?
says JerryHendrickson on Feb 19th 17 (#2501425)
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