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Do you know you are loved? Apart from family, who pretty much have to love you... you get that lovin' feeling? (+6)
says Sukiesnow on Feb 17th 17 (#805384)
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Outside of family and friends, nope.
says Tiffanee on Feb 17th 17 (#2499936)
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I feel loved by my family, yes, but I also feel loved by my friends. And I feel loved by God. I've never been in a relationship so that kind of love I haven't experienced yet.
says Thibault on Feb 17th 17 (#2499937)
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Well, yes...this is apart from FAMILY... You don't sound convinced? There has got to be love for anyone apart from family... Of course there is...but comments seem to be uncertain.
says Sukiesnow on Feb 17th 17 (#2500006)
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I feel loved by family, friends, God, and I doubt a stranger would love me. lol Maybe that stranger standing on the street corner a few minutes ago that I gave a $5 to....maybe she loved me for a few
says StarzAbove on Feb 17th 17 (#2499970)
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Other than my family? Yes, i have some love....
says Carla on Feb 17th 17 (#2499994)
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Of course... And remember I said "APART FROM FAMILY..."
says Sukiesnow on Feb 17th 17 (#2500004)
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Yeppers, sure do.
says Bozette on Feb 17th 17 (#2500032)
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Apart from my sister that I only get to see every couple of months, there's just acquaintances that I say hello to in passing. Some I'd like to be closer to, even friends with but love is reserved for their own families, kids and partners.
says OzSurfer on Feb 17th 17 (#2500141)
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Wow needn't be reserved. It is not as if we only have a limited amount to give. Do people keep you at arms length, or do you keep them from getting close?
says Bozette on Feb 18th 17 (#2500254)
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No I'd love to have closer friends but even the guys I grew up with, Thi fa have changed since they got their own families. We used to always do things together, but now they are always busy with their families and say, we must get you around some time, but it doesn't happen. I can't blame them, families hang out with other families and they all talk about their homes, kids, schools etc. Then couples look for other couples. People are great, there are so many I meet that I'd like to be regular friends with but they don't let it get that far. The rare time I meet anyone single, as soon as they meet someone i never hear from them again, and if they're female their partner isn't happy with them having a male friend. I'd love to change the rules but I guess I have to work with what I've got.
says OzSurfer on Feb 18th 17 (#2500286)
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I do understand what you are saying. Most of my friends have always been guys and that has always been a problem with their partners, and I know couples tend not to hang much with single friends. I don't feel my friends don't love me though, even when we go years without contact because of those things. Some friendships do just fade away, but I have had some people I thought that had happened with look me up again when their circumstances have changed.
says Bozette on Feb 18th 17 (#2500292)
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Thanks and I appreciate the understanding. I think you're right, my past friends still feel the same about our friendship. And I've had that too, with on and off again friendships based on their relationship status. I have a great friend that I met on SH and we go to the beach and dinners and adventure holidays and can talk for hours etc when she's single, but when she's in a relationship, the guy gets jealous and controlling and we are back to texting occasionally. People say how great being single is, but the one down side is that you are never going to be the one that your friends leave others for to rush home to.
says OzSurfer on Feb 18th 17 (#2500314)
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Being widowed in my 40s threw me back into the single life at a time I fully expected to have someone to rush home to for many years to come, so I really do understand.
says Bozette on Feb 18th 17 (#2500318)
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I'm sorry to hear you went through that, I lost my partner to breast cancer and it took me completely by surprise. Just knowing someone else understands helps a lot.
says OzSurfer on Feb 18th 17 (#2500328)
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Backatcha, Oz. (((hug)))
says Bozette on Feb 18th 17 (#2500330)
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says OzSurfer on Feb 18th 17 (#2500334)
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Oh I sure do feel love. I feel it here from y'all, I feel it at work, pretty much everywhere and all of it is greatly appreciated. (l)
says Lil_Princess on Feb 18th 17 (#2500243)
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That is so sweet and spot on...I feel it, too!
says Sukiesnow on Feb 18th 17 (#2500290)
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Yeah I do. I didn't used to but Now I rebuilt
says TomboyJanet on Feb 18th 17 (#2500718)
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Because I am love I am Life Second Chance then when I meet people or talk to him in the get to know me I leave a piece of me with them then it never leaves a gross and spreads there might be a handful of people in my whole life and I count on one hand they can say something negative about me but most everybody remembers me and has nothing but love and admiration fry return the same to each and everyone
says Cbear1 on Sep 13th 17 (#2652571)
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