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Let's give credit where credit is due. The Trump Administration has withdrawn the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This was an important and positive action taken by the new administration.
says PhilboydStudge on Feb 17th 17 (#805387)
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says Bozette on Feb 17th 17 (#2499951)
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Why is that a good thing? I've always thought there might be some benefit from being in a Universal Group.
says Sukiesnow on Feb 17th 17 (#2499952)
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The TPP elevated corporations over governments. If a government made a decision that cost a company money, they had the right to sue for damages. 'Trans-Pacific Partnership could prevent clearer food labelling – health advocates' Under the free trade deal, a foreign company could sue the government if sales dropped after labelling was introduced, says the Public Health Association
says Maze on Feb 17th 17 (#2500002)
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I don't know whom I hate'ts or corps. So...belonging to TPP means preventing clearer food labelling?... How is preventing good food labelling a good thing? Esp with us having the French labels... So a company in Spain could sue us if ...well...that would determine how much and if the company they were suing were, well worth it...c'mon there are so many other complexities... Thank you Maze...for making the attempt and I can catch more of a glimpse of it now. :)
says Sukiesnow on Feb 17th 17 (#2500010)
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I am not sure how positive this is.
says Tiffanee on Feb 17th 17 (#2499954)
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Time will tell.
says StarzAbove on Feb 17th 17 (#2499957)
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Yes, and any other administration would've done it too because it was one of the few instances of trans-partisan consensus. Trump is not all bad ideas. I find many of his ideas more palatable than Ted Cruz's would've been, for example.
says Logan on Feb 17th 17 (#2499961)
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Both candidates promised to get rid of the TPP, but I'm pretty sure only one of them meant it. It looks to me like Trump is doing his level best to keep his promises, I admire that. If Obama had kept his promises, I'd still be a fan, but he didn't, which lead me to believe he was nothing but a new salesman for the same old agenda.
says Maze on Feb 17th 17 (#2499997)
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So it is a big deal...
says Sukiesnow on Feb 17th 17 (#2500011)
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I think it is.
says Maze on Feb 17th 17 (#2500013)
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Whoops. I seem to have blown away the Agree and Disagree buttons. I can be such a noob.
says PhilboydStudge on Feb 17th 17 (#2500097)
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I don't even know what the TPP is.
says vegan on Feb 18th 17 (#2500403)
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I've read a little about it - there's up and downs, a lot of people in favour and against it. I guess wait and see what happens is the best I can say in this situation.
says Sofia on Feb 18th 17 (#2500461)
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now whats the difference between this and the WTO
says TomboyJanet on Feb 18th 17 (#2500711)
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