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What do you think when you read some of the statements on the internet?
says trooper on Feb 22nd 17 (#805675)
I think, "I agree" (0)
I think, "I disagree" (1)
I think, "STFU, f*** off and die, or some variation thereof" (2)
I think, "Birth control should be mandatory" (2)
Other (7)


I think percentages....the ones that separate shat from shinola.
says Freeranger on Feb 22nd 17 (#2504349)
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I'm generally skeptical - no matter if it's something that leans my way or not. If it's especially tantalizing, I'll research it further.
says Budwick on Feb 22nd 17 (#2504351)
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I think I know why our country has been in a death spiral for many many years. Crazy people were making the decisions and even crazier people were supporting those decisions.
says JustJimColo on Feb 22nd 17 (#2504421)
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I believe it when it comes from a reliable and credible source.
says Synyster on Feb 22nd 17 (#2504501)
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I tend to say a lot "Well ain't you (meaning that person) a special kinda stupid
says Lil_Princess on Feb 22nd 17 (#2504936)
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