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DC or Marvel? And should they converge?
says DW2 on Feb 22nd 17 (#805712)
D.C. Yes (2)
D.C. No (1)
Marvel yes (4)
Marvel (0)
Other (3)


Seriously.. How cool would it be if Superman popped up in the Next Avengers movie? Or if Thor popped up in Justice League?
says DW2 on Feb 22nd 17 (#2504928)
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DC more imagination, much better world building even creating unique cities. Marvel is all in NYC which by location I'm bored of seeing cuz I see it every day
says TomboyJanet on Feb 22nd 17 (#2504958)
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They should not merge, no.
says trooper on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505428)
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I would love to see them work together. This DC vs Marvel thing is stupid. I just want to see Deadpool annoy the shit out of everyone xD
says Sofia on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505544)
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Me too Sofia. :)
says DW2 on Feb 24th 17 (#2506082)
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