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IS Lust a Physical Thing?
says Freeranger on Feb 22nd 17 (#805716)


its more of a chemical thing
says TomboyJanet on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505044)
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Not necessarily.
says Piper2 on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505175)
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It's something in the water...
says DandyDon on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505258)
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I think janet is correct. A chemical thing that if acted upon can get you way high
says Carla on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505269)
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I think the result is physical but the cause is a mixture of things that differ from person to person.
says OzSurfer on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505329)
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I think so Oz I opted purposely to set in motion, a little mis-direction, and was waiting for someone to pick up on it. I was referring to far more than the avatar. I'm talking about many things.....a destination.....architecture. Are these the things that cause lust? I think it's a combination of stimuli that I'm not really qualified to articulate.
says Freeranger on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505452)
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I agree with that too, I've tried to work out how it works within myself but can't.
says OzSurfer on Feb 24th 17 (#2505996)
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yah.....just something I have contemplated. I've never figured it out.
says Freeranger on Feb 24th 17 (#2506230)
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says trooper on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505427)
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No, it's more of a biochemical reaction that makes us act in certain ways and have certain needs
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505507)
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I think it's a mental thing. Though the mental thing could be a reaction to biochemical or physical object, but it doesn't have to be, at the end of the day it's about the mind wanting something.
says Zolfie on Feb 24th 17 (#2505962)
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says Sukiesnow on Mar 21st 17 (#2526966)
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Because you are trying to fulfill a physical need. That why ** is so danger. Its fake, it a fantasy, you are not involved with it personal. It screws your mind up. Cause relationship problems with real people. It can and it will cause you to get sexual abuse or sexual abuse someone else. Pron cause you to have uncontrol ** behavior.
says Bluejay on Mar 21st 17 (#2526991)
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I guess it's physical if you have to lift her up
says Surfcrab on Mar 21st 17 (#2527317)
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