now you can be right wherever you are.

When it comes to other people's feelings about a certain thing you have better just listen and accept the way they see it...don't mess with other people's feelings... (+10)
says Sopairp6 on Feb 22nd 17 (#805718)
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If you express your opinion in a respectful manner and the other person can't accept that your opinion differs from theirs, that is THEIR problem, not yours.
says Linnster on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505061)
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So.. If their feelings are to crack me over the head with a Victorian chair.. I should ignore my feelings of having my head cracked open, to honor their feelings and not upset them? ....Yea...i don't think so..
says DandyDon on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505254)
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How someone feels about something is an extension of the way they see it. If they're looking at it upside down, well, **** it, they're wrong. If nobody can point that out because of their precious feelings, nobody will ever set them straight. That's not healthy or beneficial for them or the people they interact with. Everyone is wrong sometimes, that's just life. If you can't accept that and get in touch with reality, you're in for a miserable and confusing life experience.
says Maze on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505360)
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Huh? An example, please....:)
says Sukiesnow on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505478)
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If someone tells you "The sun is purple". You shouldn't upset them with reality and make them cry. Just gently rub their head and say.. "And a lovely shade of purple it is, just lovely".
says DandyDon on Feb 23rd 17 (#2505824)
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So kind... What would you say to Trump?
says Sukiesnow on Feb 24th 17 (#2506108)
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I'd tell him... "Its safe for you to leave now".
says DandyDon on Feb 24th 17 (#2506115)
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No...about his hair and skin....
says Sukiesnow on Feb 24th 17 (#2506118)
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Now after what i just told you about not upsetting somebody.....You want me to be mean?..
says DandyDon on Feb 24th 17 (#2506122)
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No... I was thinking you might rub his head gently and say....that's a really nice colour on you, Donnie.
says Sukiesnow on Feb 24th 17 (#2506126)
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Nah, i'm not trying to touch him.. Don't feel like being jumped by secret service..
says DandyDon on Feb 24th 17 (#2506128)
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Soooo...I can touch people but you can't....:) And it does look better when you use good punctuation...
says Sukiesnow on Feb 24th 17 (#2506131)
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Not if they have bodyguards all around.. It looks better when i weed eat after i cut the grass but i don't always do that..
says DandyDon on Feb 24th 17 (#2506621)
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You got it all wrong, I did not mean feelings about anything or things that would harm you etc. Also I meant the whole thing between people you love and have a kind of relationship with. So now I am gonna be more clear with an example: If your best friend/husband/brother etc loves riding and you don't because you feel it is a dangerous sport I think you have better just accept that s/he loves it so much and put aside your personal feelings because s/he is happy with that so you should be happy for them and not be against them just because you have a different opinion. (Always talking about normal things not drugs or etc.)
says Sopairp6 on Feb 26th 17 (#2507911)
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I agreed, but that doesn't include misogyny, racism or other harmful prejudices.
says Trish on Mar 20th 17 (#2526381)
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