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What if humans were born fully functional?
says Masha on Mar 28th 17 (#807264)
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People would have less to strive it wouldn't be good. Some people might outdo themselves and surpass previous records...but there is only so much people can do... And, then, would degeneration also set in at an earlier age? Like, who wants to be subject to arthritis at the age of 20?
says Sukiesnow on Mar 28th 17 (#2532461)
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It would even be cool if some people would be fully functional by 25!
says Budwick on Mar 28th 17 (#2532500)
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It should eliminate the single mothers with children issue. Half day of school and a half day of work for everyone from birth on. :)
says Will_Janitor on Mar 28th 17 (#2532508)
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It would make raising children a lot easier.
says Tiffanee on Mar 28th 17 (#2532519)
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Or... what about if we came into the world from the grave... as old people... then we slowly got younger.. and with each passing year we lost our ailments and our health improved.... we got better looking day by day then had our 21st birthday to look forward too. Then finally we reached childhood so we no longer had to work and could just have fun... then finally ... it was back to the womb (hehe)
says OzSurfer on Mar 29th 17 (#2532998)
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Sounds like Woody Allen's quote about life in reverse.))
says Masha on Mar 29th 17 (#2533010)
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(hehe) it might be, i remember reading something similar once :)
says OzSurfer on Mar 29th 17 (#2533028)
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It would make changing your diaper toward the end a lot easier. :)
says Will_Janitor on Mar 29th 17 (#2533247)
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(hehe) that's true!
says OzSurfer on Mar 29th 17 (#2533387)
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It would create more problems than it solves. While being born "fully functional" that would actually only encompass motor skills and perhaps speech. It would not encompass the necessary life experience needed to deal with the world and other humans.
says trooper on Mar 29th 17 (#2533234)
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it would make the controversy surrounding abortion a lot more interesting
says Wunderscore on Apr 20th 17 (#2550120)
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You mean could fly and breathe under water? Using close to our brains capacity, and having ultimate sight? Then we would be (Jim Carrey The Mask) "A SUPER-HERO!!"
says Jaxxi on Apr 21st 17 (#2550493)
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No, fully functional as in not having an extended childhood.
says Masha on Apr 21st 17 (#2550589)
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Extended childhood? I didn't have an extended childhood. I had to grow up fast as did a lot of people.
says Jaxxi on Apr 21st 17 (#2550660)
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It's our ability to learn that makes us so unique
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Apr 21st 17 (#2550752)
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