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Has someone - unknowingly - ever emotionally hurt you?
says ChuckTom on Apr 1st 17 (#807435)


Yes, many times.
says StarzAbove on Apr 1st 17 (#2535198)
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Too many times. I learned my lessons the hard way.
says Tiffanee on Apr 1st 17 (#2535201)
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When my wife left, I was a emotionally devastated. We'd been together a long time. I discovered that I didn't just lose her, our home, our neighbours, our pets, her family who were like my own family, but I also lost all our couple friends who weren't interested in maintaining the friendship with just one of us. Yes I was emotionally hurt, I think if I was insensitive enough to cope with that then I would have also been emotionally insensitive during the relationship.
says OzSurfer on Apr 1st 17 (#2535215)
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Of course.
says JanHaskell on Apr 1st 17 (#2535264)
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Yeah, but I set myself up for it. So...
says ForkNdaRoad on Apr 1st 17 (#2535267)
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You don't do this.
says DWF on Apr 1st 17 (#2535523)
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Unknowingly? No, never.
says trooper on Apr 1st 17 (#2535687)
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yes, but if it is unknowingly, then I don't mention it. Unless it is my husband or my son, because they care enough to listen to me and be objective about it.
says 76May on Apr 1st 17 (#2535692)
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