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Has someone - unknowingly - ever emotionally hurt you?
says ChuckTom on Apr 1st 17 (#807435)


Yes, many times.
says StarzAbove on Apr 1st 17 (#2535198)
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Too many times. I learned my lessons the hard way.
says Tiffanee on Apr 1st 17 (#2535201)
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When my wife left, I was a emotionally devastated. We'd been together a long time. I discovered that I didn't just lose her, our home, our neighbours, our pets, her family who were like my own family, but I also lost all our couple friends who weren't interested in maintaining the friendship with just one of us. Yes I was emotionally hurt, I think if I was insensitive enough to cope with that then I would have also been emotionally insensitive during the relationship.
says OzSurfer on Apr 1st 17 (#2535215)
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I don't know what to say, Dallas... it sounds like your entire life was swept out to sea.
says ChuckTom on Apr 1st 17 (#2535225)
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Yeah pretty much, I'm starting again like I did when I was 25. But then I had people my own age that I had things in common with and was also in demand as an employee. Coincidentally about an two hours ago I met up with a group of people that I haven't seen for about 20 years, but after 2 minutes, i found I had nothing at all in common with them, they were all talking about their kids, partners, homes... selling their business..retirement, investments. At the end they all swapped phone numbers and said, we all must catch up again, but i was not invited. This is normal though. Nobody wants a single guy with no kids tagging along. If i could borrow a wife and kids for a day or two a week I could probably come across as more socially acceptable. Family get togethers are particularly bad for this. They all have their own families and they talk to me like there's something wrong with me... they can't relate... they want to try and set me up with their friend or tell me to buy a dog, or live in a commune or something... or say oooh thats right, you are single... so how's that working out for you?
says OzSurfer on Apr 1st 17 (#2535237)
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Concerning your deepest feelings and experiences, you are perhaps the most honest man on Amirite. I wish I had half the self-awareness and emotional wisdom you have, man.
says ChuckTom on Apr 1st 17 (#2535239)
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Thanks! you seem to do ok... sorry to ramble on though... sometimes I have no social filter lol
says OzSurfer on Apr 1st 17 (#2535246)
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I am as socially awkward as they come. It takes a lot for me to open up to anyone. This is why I say you have that ability I sorely lack.
says ChuckTom on Apr 1st 17 (#2535252)
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Oh i see... i'm sorry to hear that... i have social anxiety issues sometimes which keeps me quiet in real life situations but on here i find it much easier.
says OzSurfer on Apr 1st 17 (#2535258)
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Of course.
says JanHaskell on Apr 1st 17 (#2535264)
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Yeah, but I set myself up for it. So...
says ForkNdaRoad on Apr 1st 17 (#2535267)
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says ChuckTom on Apr 1st 17 (#2535268)
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lol Suffice to say, I knew it would happen, but failed to prepare myself for the obvious. I know they didn't mean to, takes a special kind of @$$ to deliberately hurt people and they didn't fit that category, I just knew that they would.
says ForkNdaRoad on Apr 1st 17 (#2535287)
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You don't do this.
says DWF on Apr 1st 17 (#2535523)
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Unknowingly? No, never.
says trooper on Apr 1st 17 (#2535687)
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yes, but if it is unknowingly, then I don't mention it. Unless it is my husband or my son, because they care enough to listen to me and be objective about it.
says 76May on Apr 1st 17 (#2535692)
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