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Has anyone ever heard of someone who has actually been ticketed and fined for tailgating? Or even warned? I haven't. Maybe if police enforced it more, it wouldn't be so common. (+6)
says Another on Apr 18th 17 (#808314)
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says Budwick on Apr 18th 17 (#2548680)
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In most of the states where I've lived, tailgating falls under reckless driving / reckless endangerment and yes, I know people who have been ticketed for it.
says ForkNdaRoad on Apr 18th 17 (#2548687)
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I know people who were ticketed for reckless driving too. Do you know if the reason for the reckless driving citation was stated as tailgating?
says Another on Apr 18th 17 (#2548694)
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I know that's why they were stopped according to the officer. The ticket itself was for reckless driving which can refer to any number of driving infractions and is discretionary. I also know someone who was ticketed for doing the speed limit under R.D. laws because of heavy traffic.
says ForkNdaRoad on Apr 18th 17 (#2548695)
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says Another on Apr 18th 17 (#2548700)
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Agreed. What's the point of having laws that no one enforces?
says PhilboydStudge on Apr 18th 17 (#2548722)
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I would be a cop if the only thing I had to do is bust tailgaters. I hate it. I could hand out 6 tickets an hour all day long.
says JerryHendrickson on Apr 18th 17 (#2548762)
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Maybe if people got out of the passing lane instead of cruising along in the left lane, while not actively passing or - even worse - going slower than the people in the right lane(s), and making traffic worse there'd be less tailgating? : )
says semple on Apr 18th 17 (#2548783)
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Maybe. I did not realize that tailgating was legal in the left lane.
says Another on Apr 18th 17 (#2548790)
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Oh, it isn't. : ) But neither is piddling along in the passing lane, impeding traffic.
says semple on Apr 18th 17 (#2548801)
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To be clear, I may drive swiftly and confidently. But not dangerously and I never tailgate. : ) I haven't gotten a "real" ticket (only parking) or been in an accident in over 20 years -- and this is from a dude who used to deliver pizzas while stoned... : ) Half my time today is spent behind the wheel. I know how to drive. All I ask is that you use your signals, I'll let you merge. Follow the rules of the road. Be considerate of those around you. And for the love of all things holy, get the hell out of the way when you're in the passing lane and not actually passing. Is that too much to ask?
says semple on Apr 19th 17 (#2549121)
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No, I've never heard of or witnessed that, myself. Neither have I actually seen any of the really reckless, dangerous drivers I've noticed and experienced on the road, get pulled over by law enforcement. People getting targeted over for speeding on a highway and other roads, lots of times. "Speed traps" , for their quota for the day. Not in my neighborhood, though, where some people exceed the speed limit on a daily basis. I'm still hoping that I might witness that one day, someone getting caught in the act of reckless driving, or throwing their trash out the window of a car....
says Piper2 on Apr 19th 17 (#2548978)
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No. But they should. Tailgating is tantamount to harassment.
says Sukiesnow on Apr 19th 17 (#2549366)
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