now you can be right wherever you are.

Did you chose your life...or did it happen to you?
says Sukiesnow on May 13th 17 (#809338)


More like I took back control of it and things are starting to work a hell of a lot better for me 🦋
says Lil_Princess on May 13th 17 (#2565498)
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Life is like surfing a wave... if you try and fight it, you'll be wiped out, but once you learn to go with the flow, you find you have some control and can even look like you know what you're doing (hehe)
says OzSurfer on May 13th 17 (#2565509)
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All the world's a stage and I want my admission refunded.
says SmartAZ on Jun 19th 17 (#2593727)
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If that's the case, I ended up in the mosh pit lol
says OzSurfer on Jun 19th 17 (#2593729)
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I've made most of my decisions and my life has worked out pretty good...sometimes my timing has been wrong and I could have done somethings differently, but overal it's been very good...
says JD on May 13th 17 (#2565544)
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I was dealt a hand of cards and I'm playing them to the best of my abilities. So both.
says PhilboydStudge on May 13th 17 (#2565600)
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No it just happened. If I could start all over again my life would be completely different.
says Tiffanee on May 13th 17 (#2565727)
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Oh yeah, chose my family from a catalog, they were a fair choice for the karma points I had accumulated in a previous life
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jun 18th 17 (#2593558)
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I chose my own path when I could think for myself.
says Masha on Jun 18th 17 (#2593645)
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It happened.
says Trish on Jun 19th 17 (#2593926)
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