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Has someone recently performed an act of kindness for you that left you humbled and grateful beyond words?
says ChuckTom on May 15th 17 (#809398)


I had flowers sent to my office a few days ago. I don't like flowers much but the thought was nice.
says Tiffanee on May 15th 17 (#2566798)
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Only words. But that still counts yeah? : ) But a few days ago I did notice a woman at a convenience store buying a bunch of stuff -- stuff I thought was odd because there's a grocery store not far away. Deli Express sandwiches, chips, water, etc ... junk food for the most part, but over $20 worth of food. She paid and left, then I paid and went out to finish pumping my gas. As I was leaving I saw her sitting on the grass with the homeless man who was on the corner and I had ignored.... I wish I could be that good of person.
says semple on May 15th 17 (#2566885)
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A few years ago, one of my professors permanently gave me his personal parking space right next to my office, and he parks in one of the big structures. I'm still blown away by this gesture and think about it each morning as I park my car.
says JanHaskell on May 15th 17 (#2566915)
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Yep, a lady just randomly walked up to my son and I while we were looking for some school clothes for him and said she observed us and wanted to know if I'd be interested in some clothes she had that no longer fit her grandson. She brought them to us and I can't even begin to tell you how much that helped me. She brought two large baskets of brand new clothes. I could barely believe it. I about cried. What's so funny is that I'd just gone through my son's old clothes that no longer fit and given them to a neighbor boy who is the youngest of four boys. Amazing.
says ForkNdaRoad on May 15th 17 (#2566982)
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says StarzAbove on May 15th 17 (#2567139)
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Yes. A lady with a full shopping cart told me to go in front of her since I only had a few items in a grocery store. That is not common anymore from I have seen. :)
says Will_Janitor on May 15th 17 (#2567374)
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Yes, a couple of weeks ago. When my neighbor learned of my cat's death, she left a beautiful hibiscus plant and card outside my door. She and her husband were preparing to leave the next day on a long road trip, yet she took the time out to do that for me. One thing she wrote on the card particularly got to me: "Next spring when this blooms, we'll remember Monkey" What she referred to as a little something by your door, was SO not little to me......
says Piper2 on May 15th 17 (#2567393)
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says Lil_Princess on May 16th 17 (#2567869)
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