now you can be right wherever you are.

Ladies ONLY! Lets talk about the Friend Zone .....yer right , like the fella's won't want their say on this one. :P 3rd option Guys is just for you ;)
says Darkest_Serenity on Jun 14th 17 (#810605)
I am Skilled at putting Male/Female friends in the friend zone Ser but I've lost a few as well. (5)
I have no idea how to put a Man/Woman in the friend zone Ser (3)
I'm in the Friend zone "Get me out of here!!!" (7)


Believe it or not, that does happen the otherway around too. Admittedly not as often, but it's still an issue to straighten out without losing a friend. :)
says Will_Janitor on Jun 14th 17 (#2590549)
Reply | +15 | 13

Will, How often do you think a person incorrectly perceives a persons attention as one of a romantic interest?
says JustJimColo on Jun 14th 17 (#2590577)
Reply | +6 | 6

I don't know how often, but I'm sure that happens too. That might even piss a person off more if they were given the cold shoulder for an incorrect impression. :)
says Will_Janitor on Jun 14th 17 (#2590578)
Reply | +6 | 6

Depends on the person, I knew a women that people always incorrectly perceived her attentions as a romantic one... of course it was mainly because she grew up in Russia/Ukraine area and never understood the concept of personal space... but moved to the US, where people demand personal space. But if she was trying to help someone, or see what someone else was seeing, she would dive right in trying to help or assist and their would be body contact... she would literally think nothing of it... while other parties clearly would think she's trying to send a message. So people often times thought she was flirting heavily and guys thought they were special... and the ladies strongly disliked her, thinking she was trying to get all the guys attention. But really... she was just being herself... and wanted to get work done... personal space or no personal space.
says Zolfie on Jun 14th 17 (#2590580)
Reply | +7 | 6

I could see that happening.
says Will_Janitor on Jun 14th 17 (#2590597)
Reply | +5 | 5

I can see that, too Women can be brutal and men easily excited.
says Carla on Jun 14th 17 (#2590806)
Reply | +5 | 5

I will second what Will said. It is unfortunate when you have to loose a friend that way, but what has to be done has to be done otherwise it creates a fair size mess.
says voxlug on Jun 14th 17 (#2590554)
Reply | +8 | 9

Friend Zone (not as cool as the End Zone (xp)) Edit: I'll Third what Will said, and Second what Vox said, so both those motions pass (wink)
says Zolfie on Jun 14th 17 (#2590556)
Reply | +7 | 8

I have friends. Male/ female. But very intimate friends, just female. I dont get close to people easily, i can recognize trouble before it is. Those people have been left behind.
says Carla on Jun 14th 17 (#2590558)
Reply | +9 | 9

No sense in inviting trouble if you can spot it in advance. That's a pretty valuable talent. :)
says Will_Janitor on Jun 14th 17 (#2590563)
Reply | +8 | 8

Yes. I have had enough trouble... without invitation.:]
says Carla on Jun 14th 17 (#2590568)
Reply | +8 | 8

I like everyone
says JD on Jun 14th 17 (#2590564)
Reply | +7 | 7

I think some people may become infatuated with someone while not seeing that this infatuation is only "one way". How the "target of affection" responds to this, once they realize it, has a big impact on whether or not the situation is defused comfortably without embarrassment and in a manner that a friendship can be maintained.
says JustJimColo on Jun 14th 17 (#2590565)
Reply | +7 | 7

I don't have many close friends but I do know a lot of people. It takes a long time before I can safely let someone into my "friend-zone."
says Tiffanee on Jun 14th 17 (#2590566)
Reply | +9 | 9

Flowing just like water
says S_Tirta on Jun 14th 17 (#2590576)
Reply | +6 | 6

It's quite easy, actually - everyone is on the friendzone with me.
says Sofia on Jun 14th 17 (#2590588)
Reply | +7 | 7

That's cause you're so nice and easy to like.
says StarzAbove on Jun 14th 17 (#2590659)
Reply | +7 | 7

Loool nope (hehe)
says Sofia on Jun 14th 17 (#2590669)
Reply | +4 | 4

I have to agree with Starz xD
says OzSurfer on Jun 15th 17 (#2590934)
Reply | +3 | 3

It's a Work in Progress... While not being too encouraging some mild flirting is okay...especially if that's who you are anyway.... With some people it just can't be done, and it is better to stay away.
says Sukiesnow on Jun 14th 17 (#2590651)
Reply | +9 | 8

That happened to me too - with rather awkward, embarrassing and hilarious moments. In certain cases, helping somebody to pick up dropped things can already cause misunderstandings.
says Marianne on Jun 14th 17 (#2590656)
Reply | +9 | 8

I have major trust issues, so it's very hard for someone to enter my friend zone. But once my friend, I will be very loyal to them.
says StarzAbove on Jun 14th 17 (#2590662)
Reply | +9 | 9

I am sorry this happened to you but I must warn you males we can't always keep it platonic. When you start caring so much for us we start reciprocating those feelings and sometime biology overwhelms things.
says ergoproxy on Jun 14th 17 (#2590719)
Reply | +1 | 1

I know, I know Ser was waiting for my comment. (hehe) First: I third and forth Will's, Vox and Zolfie's comment. Second: Most women know within the first 20 minutes of interacting with a guy whether they are put in the "friend zone" or not. Men should learn the signs women give out to determine if they are heading in the friend zone or if she is attracted to you romantically. Also, the longer a guy delays asking her out, the closer he gets to the "friend zone". Like Will said, it works for guys too. In fact, I have friend zoned a few not too long ago.
says Synyster on Jun 14th 17 (#2590723)
Reply | +6 | 6

We should learn the signals but never do, this is what we need to figure it out
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jun 16th 17 (#2591875)
Reply | +2 | 2

says Synyster on Jun 16th 17 (#2591887)
Reply | +1 | 1

We're "just friends". Well, lemme TELL you what "just friends" means, from a female perspective: Her "friend" may wine her, dine her, go shopping with her, buy her gifts, babysit her kids, let her cry on his shoulder, cook for her, mow her lawn, fix things for her, drive her places and pick her up, listen to her problems and console her, be there when she needs him, and he may never say "I told you so"... BUT... he may NOT touch her. That privilege is reserved for the loudmouthed, unkempt, smelly, drunken, cheating, verbally and physically abusive **** in the Harley jacket, sitting at the end of the bar. You young guys...take heed and don't be fooled. You will NEVER get in, and she will NEVER learn.. Oh yeah, one more thing...
says Another on Jun 14th 17 (#2590766)
Reply | +4 | 4

I have seen that happen. It's sad, but some people are takers and some are givers. There are no guarantees of fairness in relationships. The only way to stay out of an unwanted friend-zone is to stand up for yourself and challenge it.
says Will_Janitor on Jun 14th 17 (#2590821)
Reply | +2 | 2

Ah yes, the infamous cuck package where you do all the work to keep her going and the only thing you get is to watch her hug and kiss her bf
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jun 16th 17 (#2591876)
Reply | +2 | 2

Yes, it happened to me, and I will never forget it.
says dru18 on Jun 14th 17 (#2590816)
Reply | +7 | 7

I think I am nice to a fault, and consequently end up in the friend zone often
says C_ZAR1 on Jun 14th 17 (#2590825)
Reply | +5 | 6

Yeah I feel like a lot of my female friends are often are asking/complaining "where are all the nice guys at"... but the problem is that they put all the nice guys in the friend zone and don't think of them as potential dating options. Even when I point out that some of their other male friends are nice single guys and could potentially be a very good BF... they're not interested. Even if it's a new guy friend. Seems like they either need some bad boy curve appeal or muscle/height curve appeal or nice guys get easily over looked and put in the friend zone.
says Zolfie on Jun 14th 17 (#2590830)
Reply | +6 | 6

aka the "something like you but NOT you"
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jun 16th 17 (#2591877)
Reply | +3 | 3

Bad boys for doing the town, Nice boys for settling down. (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jun 23rd 17 (#2595733)
Reply | +2 | 2

O, you do the town? How is it? ;P The problem is, that they seem to be mentally stuck on taking a bad boy, and molding him into a some what nice boy to settle with... and it fails about 98% OR HIGHER! I keep trying to talk them into taking a nice guy and molding him into a some what bad boy to go around town, but is really the nice boy on the inside... but they think that's crazy or pointless or a bad idea. I'm not saying it will work, but I think they should at least try it the opposite way, since the current method keep failing... or choose a different method all together... but change something up.
says Zolfie on Jun 23rd 17 (#2595737)
Reply | +2 | 2

Just great, thanks. My good boy husband turns bad when we go out. (wink)
says Thinkerbell on Jun 23rd 17 (#2595775)
Reply | +2 | 2

That's good, though someday you may need to get past those Neverland boys and get yourself a man (wink)(hehe)
says Zolfie on Jun 23rd 17 (#2595778)
Reply | +2 | 2

Oh, he's just fine. Humans are sooo boring. (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jun 23rd 17 (#2595780)
Reply | +2 | 2

Oh, so both of you enjoy roleplay? (xp)
says Zolfie on Jun 23rd 17 (#2595790)
Reply | +2 | 2

Hey, if you can be a wolf, why can't we be an elf and a fairy? At least we don't have dog breath. (xp)
says Thinkerbell on Jun 23rd 17 (#2595792)
Reply | +2 | 2

I thought elf and fairy hated each other? and where at war or something? That's why you don't ever see them in the same place. Plus there are a lot of ways to get rid of dog breath. Some are fairy easily. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinim...a28d77f6a4.jpg
says Zolfie on Jun 23rd 17 (#2596080)
Reply | +1 | 1

"don't ever"? Nonsense; there are exceptions. And your picture says "improve", not get rid of dog breath. Nor did I ever hear of a wolf brushing its teeth. (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jun 23rd 17 (#2596110)
Reply | 0 | 0

I have no idea what that is saying (do you?) but it says fairy song and elves coats... meaning their was a song and coats there... not necessary fairy and elves there. Since teeth are extremely important to wolves, they have evolved to stay healthier than human teeth. Also wolves take good care of their teeth. Human just see it as aggressiveness instead of teeth checking.
says Zolfie on Jun 23rd 17 (#2596177)
Reply | +1 | 1

Oh, I forgot, wolves don't study Shakespeare (too bad for them, they don't know what they're missing). (biggrin) Ok, for your edification, here is what it's about. Titania, the Queen of the fairies, is sending her fairy minions out on various quests, namely, some to kill worms in rosebuds (so that the buds can bloom), and some to make war on bats to gather their leathery wings with which to make coats for the elves, which you must admit is a rather friendly gesture, at least toward the elves. Too bad if you're a chiroptophile. (biggrin) (The rest of the fairies are sent to keep the owls away, since the owls have a tendency to hoot in admiration of the fairies, much, I imagine, like wolf-whistles.) So it's really not that hard to understand. Where is your appreciation of your English literary heritage, for Akela's sake? (biggrin) And the reason wolves have better teeth than humans (in civilization) do is that they don't eat junk food, especially stuff that contains a lot of sugar and other refined starches. They still have dog breath, however. (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jun 23rd 17 (#2596265)
Reply | 0 | 0

No wolves don't study dead humans too much, as they're too busy dealing with the alive humans that might be shooting at them. dog breath keeps the bad fairy away ;P
says Zolfie on Jun 23rd 17 (#2596283)
Reply | +1 | 1

Whaddaya mean, 'bad fairy'? I've been sooo nice, explaining Shakespeare for you, explaining about good boys and bad boys, explaining about elves and fairies, etc. You should be praising me! Phew... here, have a breath mint. (wt)
says Thinkerbell on Jun 23rd 17 (#2596291)
Reply | +1 | 1

When I said bad fairy, I didn't mean you... nor your sisters ... (well most of them, some aren't the nicest) ... But there are other fairly that use their powers for dark side of things. *Takes the whole pack* :)
says Zolfie on Jun 23rd 17 (#2596295)
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Since I was a little girl, I have always had more guy friends than friends that were girls. In fact, my three closest and best friends are guys and I wouldn't trade them for them for all the bacon in the world. Not only do they look out for me but the look out for the kids too. I am not sure if I am good at putting someone in the friend zone or not. I had two people last week get irate with me because I said I just wanted to be friends. (ono) One went as far to call me a heartless stupid ** over it. I informed him that I might be stupid and sometimes a **...heartless was something I wasn't. (wary) It is easy for me to friendzone the people I work with...I ain't allowed to date coworkers because I have a professional position. 🦋
says Lil_Princess on Jun 14th 17 (#2590877)
Reply | +4 | 4

I really ought to start wearing a shirt that says something along the lines of "Welcome to the friend zone, a fun zone for friends!". I want to meet people and make friends, but I feel like anything I say to a guy will probably be interpreted like I want to date.
says DWF on Jun 15th 17 (#2591108)
Reply | +2 | 2

I've always owned prime real estate in the Friend Zone.
says ProdigalSon on Jun 15th 17 (#2591252)
Reply | +3 | 3

The friendzone is an invisible barrier. The best course of action is to just leave it. Cut the closeness or you will be the emotional pillowpunching bag who could only dream to get closer you will only put in work and get a hug and shattered dreams, it's just painful. Some poor sods stick around even when the girl gets a boyfriend.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jun 16th 17 (#2591794)
Reply | +1 | 1

I wouldn't say I'm skilled at it, but I would say I'm pretty direct. The moment I can tell a guy is interested in a romantic way, I will talk about my partner, and/or keep my distance. When I was single I found it harder to friend zone people because I liked Flirting and I didn't know how to reject someone I liked as a friend. Having a partner is the perfect way of letting someone down gently, because then they know it has got nothing to do with them, as you are already taken.
says LiVi on Jun 16th 17 (#2591815)
Reply | +1 | 1

Oh.... I'm a man
says S_Tirta on Jul 15th 17 (#2610501)
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