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What's the best school trip you've ever been on?
says doctorwho1011 on Aug 9th 17 (#812652)


Oddly enough, though I know I went on field trips at school...I cannot recall a single one.
says Bozette on Aug 9th 17 (#2625031)
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The Museum of Natural History
says Linnster on Aug 9th 17 (#2625032)
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When I lived in Mainz, Germany my class went to the Gutenberg Museum. I found it pretty cool, seeing the ancient books and printing presses.
says Piper2 on Aug 9th 17 (#2625041)
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I wouldn't call it a school trip, more like a teacher accompanied trip, we went to a small seaside city for a few days, it was wild
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Aug 9th 17 (#2625156)
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It was last year in Vienna in the Christmas markets.
says LussMotionless on Aug 11th 17 (#2626799)
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The Bodies Exhibit in Atlanta
says BlindMist on Aug 13th 17 (#2627986)
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I think it' be visiting the state capitol in 9th grade.
says Trish on Aug 13th 17 (#2627998)
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In elementary level - 4th grade, maybe? It was a field trip that would, one day, help us to discover nature's mysteries. She pointed out various features and their names like: trunk, stem, dirt... and that might be a rock.
says PartyOfOne on Aug 13th 17 (#2628084)
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Dinosaur hunting. When I was in school we just pushed a stone wheel cart to a field. Gave all the kids clubs and wished them luck. Thank God for the introduction of fire!!
says DW2 on Aug 13th 17 (#2628105)
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Snow tubing
says Skunky on Aug 23rd 17 (#2636945)
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