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Do you get enough zinc in your diet?
says Visigothicreign on Sep 3rd 17 (#813951)
Yes, I've had enough zinc. (8)
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I don't eat a lot of meat so I have to watch my levels but I eat a lot of spinach so I think I'm ok.
says OzSurfer on Sep 3rd 17 (#2646668)
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It's always good to add a little zinc to your diet. It decreases the odour of your perspiration.
says Sukiesnow on Sep 3rd 17 (#2646674)
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even less on amirite than in my diet
says Wunderscore on Sep 3rd 17 (#2646714)
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No I don't. I have to take a 50mg pill every day.
says Rooster on Sep 3rd 17 (#2646793)
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I have no idea. My doctor has never been concerned about levels of nutrients I'm getting, so I imagine I'm getting enough.
says Thibault on Sep 12th 17 (#2652248)
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I used to take vitamins but I have stopped for a while, I have enough zinc I can't bite my own finger nails off let alone them just breaking
says bird1986 on Sep 12th 17 (#2652257)
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Yes, I do...wait...Does your question have an ulterior motive? ; )
says azlotto on Sep 13th 17 (#2652553)
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