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What do you love enough so you almost want to write the company and thank them? The pens I'm using to write with...I'm enjoying them so much...
says Sukiesnow on Sep 4th 17 (#814033)


I'm using Staedler triplus Fineliner pens; the colour blue is dark enough for reading...and the fluidity of the pen makes a person want to write neatly and well. They come in many colours; I like to switch up colour so it makes for more eye-catching reading. I also enjoy the ZEBRA Sarasa...and I wish I bought an extra when I had the chance. It is a clicker pen and I love clickers rather than pens with a top. Clickers are faster to use.
says Sukiesnow on Sep 4th 17 (#2647666)
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I have a DKNY rain jacket I've had for years and every time I wear I feel gratitude for it. It is black and light...with a hood. Having a hood is a must...what is the point in going out in the rain without a hood...then you have to drag an umbrella around... The DKNY was on for half price and the Fashion & Practicality goddess was smiling on me the day I came upon it. I can also scrumple it up in the bottom of my handbag...once you shake looks pristine.
says Sukiesnow on Sep 4th 17 (#2647668)
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ASUS motherboards and NVIDIA graphics cards!
says Rooster on Sep 4th 17 (#2647684)
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What makes them so good?
says Sukiesnow on Sep 4th 17 (#2647733)
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Long lasting and the best performance for the price on the market!
says Rooster on Sep 4th 17 (#2647768)
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Nice... Can you give me more details? What does "best performance" mean... Long lasting? Good guarantee...easy to fix? I've never heard of a graphic card. Is that something I should know about?
says Sukiesnow on Sep 4th 17 (#2647794)
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ASUS and Lenovo are superior products. ASUS motherboards are far and above the best on the market and easy to tweak things on. They just seem to last forever. Most PC's nowadays have integrated graphics built in. Not much you can do with them. NVIDIA graphics card display many more times the depth in graphics and you can tweak the drivers any way you want. For what I do at Slitherine and Matrix? I need top of the line graphics. Sharp vibrant colors and speed. Essential for PC game development.ASUS motherboards will outlast any other brand, 2 to 1!
says Rooster on Sep 5th 17 (#2648118)
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my planner/agenda I'm literally a member of multiple Facebook group for it.. it's kind of a weird culture
says Wunderscore on Sep 5th 17 (#2648059)
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What planner/agenda? You older members of Amirite sure don't know how to explain things.
says Sukiesnow on Sep 5th 17 (#2648069)
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It's called an Erin Condren life planner You didn't give a brand for the pens referenced in the post until a later comment, so maybe let's not marginalize each other, hmm?
says Wunderscore on Sep 5th 17 (#2648165)
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