now you can be right wherever you are.

Your mayor might call for the evacuation of your city...but that doesn't mean you have to go...amirite? People have stayed before and it's proven to be a good idea. (+8)
says Sukiesnow on Sep 5th 17 (#814063)
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I would knock my mayor the **** out if they told me to leave my house. POW!
says Visigothicreign on Sep 5th 17 (#2648038)
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As a rule, if there's an evacuation order, you should follow it. If you choose to disregard it, you better be sure you can fend for yourself. Search and Rescue aren't going to be very eager to risk their lives saving you after you've been ordered to leave, so don't expect to be high on their list if you need to be rescued. They might get to you, they might not.
says Maze on Sep 5th 17 (#2648064)
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No, you don't have to go. Don't know whether I would believe them anyway! I live up in the foothills. No floods here. Just earthquakes and fires! LOL
says Rooster on Sep 5th 17 (#2648129)
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Fires can be bad. They evacuated a city for fire in - Manitoba? And some people stayed behind...which proved to be a good move...but maybe not for your lungs in years to come...
says Sukiesnow on Sep 5th 17 (#2648168)
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We get fires here every damn Summer. Guess I've been lucky!
says Rooster on Sep 5th 17 (#2648173)
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Any of you who live in Florida. Please get the Hell out before it's too late. The strongest hurricane I've ever seen is headed right for you; the kind that destroys everything.
says JerryHendrickson on Sep 5th 17 (#2648156)
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You're free to do as you see fit .... but you shouldn't expect others to risk their lives trying to rescue you if your plan goes south after you've been ordered to evacuate.
says JanHaskell on Sep 5th 17 (#2648172)
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I don't live in a city so I don't have a Mayor. But if we were advised to evacuate we probably would just go visit some friends for a few days.
says Will_Janitor on Sep 5th 17 (#2648201)
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We're the house that took in flood refugees when it happened here during hurricane agnes. I don't think we would be told to get out. We were glad to help our friends.
says ozzyboy on Sep 5th 17 (#2648271)
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(y) Kind.
says Sukiesnow on Sep 7th 17 (#2649083)
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