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Quiz: What Storm Represents Your Love Life?
says Quizzy on Sep 5th 17 (#814081)
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Welcome back, QT! The Vargas Tragedy: Your relationships is as stormy as the Vargas storm that hit the coast of Venezuela in 99. Your love is calm and tropical but as soon as one of you gets angry, all hell breaks loose and a wealth of devastation will cause havoc. Vargas brought as much rainfall in 4 days as it rains in one year and when you and your partner fight this amount of rainfall can make or break the love that you have. After the storm, you make up and kiss but during those 4 days of chaos, anything can happen
says Will_Janitor on Sep 5th 17 (#2648193)
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Your love life is like the surge of Hurricane Katrina. It is the surge that can be the most destructive of all forces. When you fight, there is no talking and it is only destructive winds and floods that take over. If you feel like Katrina is on the horizon, the best advice would be to take shelter high up and avoid the storm. The after effects of your chaotic love life can really tear you apart so make sure you are fully aware when Katrina might hit and look after what brought you two together or it could be the end of the affair.
says Rooster on Sep 5th 17 (#2648194)
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