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What is the last thing you prayed for?
says doctorwho1011 on Sep 5th 17 (#814090)


Being an atheist, I don't pray.
says Linnster on Sep 5th 17 (#2648280)
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The safety of my family.
says StarzAbove on Sep 5th 17 (#2648290)
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My friend's recovery from illness.
says JanHaskell on Sep 5th 17 (#2648300)
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That my girlfriends pain in her back and legs eases off, my son's anxiety eases off so he can concentrate in school and my best friends wife's cancer treatment is a success.
says SynysterGates on Sep 5th 17 (#2648301)
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I don't usually pray, but we were at a Labor Day get together and this woman was talking my ear off. I do remember saying to myself, "God I wish she would shut up!" It's possible that God was listening because a minute later someone tripped and spilled a drink on her.
says Will_Janitor on Sep 5th 17 (#2648347)
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