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Congress should reclaim the war powers granted to them in Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution. After 9/11 the AUMF (authority to use military force) was ceded to the president. Sixteen years and three presidential administrations later, Rand Paul forced a vote on this today...61 senators voted to leave this power with the president. (For the record, the US has not formally declared war since WW II.) (+6)
says Bozette on Sep 13th 17 (#814418)
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says Bozette on Sep 13th 17 (#2653069)
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Interesting. I can see why they don't want the responsibility. Right now it's easy to just blame whoever is President, but it's definately the cowards way out.
says Will_Janitor on Sep 13th 17 (#2653086)
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says Bozette on Sep 13th 17 (#2653091)
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I was hoping that with Trump being President, Congress would be eager to rein in the growing powers of the Executive Branch. Instead, our "Global War on Terror" will enter its 16th year with no end in sight. This war has added $1.2 trillion (over 10%) to our national debt. I sometimes think of the words to a Laurie Anderson song about the U.S. You know Tom Paine wrote the first best-seller at a dark time in the Revolution when we were losing and all the soldiers were deserting. Giving up. And the book was called Common Sense and it was really just a long list of questions. And one of the questions was: Does it make common sense for an island to rule a continent? And everybody kind of went hmmm and they signed back up. And today you could ask: Does it make common sense for a country to rule the world? But no matter what your answer, no matter what you think, no matter what you vote for.. We just keep calling 'em up, calling em, calling 'em up. No matter what. We just keep calling 'em up, calling em, calling 'em up. No matter what. Thanks for the information!
says PhilboydStudge on Sep 13th 17 (#2653094)
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Welcome. Thanks for the song, I'd never heard that before, but it is hauntingly appropriate.
says Bozette on Sep 13th 17 (#2653101)
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In general I agree - wholeheartedly. My only problem is that with the behavior of Congress for a decade or more now leaves it motionless - while members find out what their lobbyists support. Their a bunch of ****. The Taliban could be beating down the front doors of the Capital Building and they would debating the downside of fighting back.
says Budwick on Sep 14th 17 (#2653341)
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Congress does tend to dink around quite a while before actually doing anything, with one exception...war. The 2001 AUMF passed on 9/14/01 (Bush signed on the 18th), and the 2002 AUMF took 9 days from introduction to passage, with Bush signing it 5 days later and it was another 5 months before we went into Iraq. War is the single issue there always seems to be bipartisan support for in Congress.
says Bozette on Sep 14th 17 (#2653389)
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Of course the left had buyers remorse as soon as we went into Iraq when they didn't find WMD in Saddams bed room. And now we have North Korea. Of course Congress will want a list of targets before approving any attack, so they can leak them to NYT. (Some sarcasm - but not much) It's a real sucky situation. We're not all on the same team anymore and no one can be trusted!
says Budwick on Sep 14th 17 (#2653403)
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I seem to recall broad support/applause for Trump's bombing of Syria from the left side of the aisle and the media, not to mention several leftists on this and other sites I am on. Also, of the 522 who voted on the sanctions bill, 517 voted in favor of it, including every single Democrat. I believe your fears are unfounded, Bud.
says Bozette on Sep 14th 17 (#2653419)
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If by 'broad support' you mean that Anti-Fa didn't burn down any cities - I suppose I could agree. When they sent in some missiles over a couple days to blow up military sites to let Assad know that we don't like him gassing his people there wasn't any sense of unity that I recall. I DO recall a constant drum of Bush Lied - People Died after the left deserted Bush after having agreed on the WMD thing. Let's say I'm skeptical of democrat support for anything Trump does. But, don't be offended - I'm equally skeptical of republican support.
says Budwick on Sep 14th 17 (#2653461)
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Antifa makes headlines, but they do not represent the vast majority of the left, just as the white supremacist groups don't represent the vast majority on the right. Both extremes are considered so precisely because they do not represent most of us. Actually there was. The American people were lied to, as was probably most of Congress, and I recently read where Powell, who presented the case to the UN, may have been as well. I'm sure you and I will disagree on this, but I am not supportive of the "my country, right or wrong" attitude. We were wrong to invade Iraq in 2003 and we are still paying for that today, as we will continue to do for the forseeable future. Why would I be offended? My point that both sides of the aisle are supportive of war stands.
says Bozette on Sep 14th 17 (#2653489)
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I do not subscribe to "my country, right or wrong" either. However, if everyone from the top down was lied to and the decision was made by many based on those lies, making Bush the fall guy for the lies ain't right either. Hindsight is usually pretty good. The beating Bush took over that was unconscionable.
says Budwick on Sep 14th 17 (#2653504)
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Not everyone from the top down was lied to, but I believe many were, as were the American people. Honestly, Bud, I'm not sure just what Bush knew when. I've struggled with that one, as I was a Bush supporter. As far as him being blamed...that happens when one is president, whether they are truly to blame for something or not.
says Bozette on Sep 14th 17 (#2653641)
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Congress has been giving up its power to Pres for way too long.
says PennyThoughts on Sep 15th 17 (#2653922)
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True, but primarily through failure to act, this was an outright gift.
says Bozette on Sep 17th 17 (#2655871)
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