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Trump: No Tax Cuts For The Rich (+4)
says Maze on Sep 14th 17 (#814428)
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Excellent. I hope this ends up happening. The middle class always gets screwed.
says Thibault on Sep 14th 17 (#2653256)
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It better at least close some loopholes that are only assessable to the rich. He should know about them.
says Will_Janitor on Sep 14th 17 (#2653381)
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Personally, I have no problem for tax cuts to the rich...Never have. My reasoning is not because I am rich...YET. But remember "rich" is a VERY RELATIVE term when it comes to the government's power to move the rich/middle/poor scale as it applies to taxation. I like to see EVERY taxpayer get a tax cut according to either a flat rate, or a consumption tax like the "Fair Tax".
says Howler on Sep 14th 17 (#2653406)
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I have always found it amusing when people claim that the 10% of people, who pay 53% of all taxes, don't pay their share.
says JustJimColo on Sep 15th 17 (#2653847)
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