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You got the "people are starving in Biafra" argument when you were young...amirite? (+8)
says Sukiesnow on Sep 27th 17 (#814973)
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Never heard about the starving foreigners argument when I was a kid. Got the stories from my parents about growing up in the depression on farms in Western Kansas. Some families gave away children because they couldn't feed them. My Mom was all but sold to a store in town for a year to work for money that all went to her family when she was 13. She was the oldest girl so they made her quit school after the 8th grade to work in the fields and help with family. (She always felt bad for not being allowed to get an education, while her younger siblings were eventually sent to college.)
says JustJimColo on Sep 27th 17 (#2662181)
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It was the starving people in India for me.
says PhilboydStudge on Sep 27th 17 (#2662213)
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Yes I got that but I think the biggest shock was discovering people were starving where I live. My first experience of seeing people living under bridges and things like that was a major eye-opener for me.
says Tiffanee on Sep 27th 17 (#2662246)
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People should take their kids...probably around the age of 10...around to see these places....
says Sukiesnow on Oct 1st 17 (#2665493)
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It's the same area of the world decade after decade...
says Bub on Sep 27th 17 (#2662268)
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We give millions and millions to these countries and each year they come back and want more...where does the money go, it can't be to these kids as they send the same pictures year after year....with the money they get, they should be living better than us....
says JD on Sep 27th 17 (#2662295)
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No, I always got the "Kids are starving in China" routine. Still didn't work to make me eat liver or beets! YUK!
says Rooster on Sep 27th 17 (#2662343)
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....and when I got older, my thoughts ranged around the thought that...lets cap the pieces of shizz who do this to their people and lend a humane leader a hand....
says Freeranger on Oct 2nd 17 (#2666256)
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I used to tell my parents,they could send what I don't eat to them.
says hootowl on Nov 10th 17 (#2690420)
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