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When you meet someone could you say: Enchanté since it's more thrilling than saying..."nice to meetcha"... (+5)
says Sukiesnow on Oct 7th 17 (#815333)
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Not really...Hey and Bye, still work just fine for me..
says DandyDon on Oct 7th 17 (#2668883)
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I am far too basic for that.
says Carla on Oct 7th 17 (#2668891)
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If I walked up to a woman and said "Enchanté", more than likely she would think I was a bit creepy, fake, using a line, or just plain weird. I talk to all people the same. It's who I am.
says JustJimColo on Oct 7th 17 (#2668936)
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says Bub on Oct 7th 17 (#2669008)
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I come from a blue collar city. Most are plain-speaking folk likely to distrust anyone who comes across as pretentious. Using a word like "enchanté" would result in an untrusting glare and/or a long, pregnant pause.
says PhilboydStudge on Oct 7th 17 (#2669016)
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What is wrong with hi or bye or its so nice to meet you
says Metal_god14 on Oct 12th 17 (#2672784)
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No... that just sounds phony as ****.
says PartyOfOne on Oct 12th 17 (#2672913)
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