now you can be right wherever you are.

Once or twice a week now, Bostick and the nine dogs currently under his care can be seen puttering down quiet streets around town or through the forest near their home or stopping by a local creek for some fresh air in the custom dog train. It's something the formerly unloved dogs have come to relish in their happy new lives. How sweet is this?! :-)
says Quiz_Time on Oct 11th 17 (#815498)

Comments Hugs and Kisses to the doggies. :-)
says Quiz_Time on Oct 11th 17 (#2671601)
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I think it's great! Dogs need loving and attention and many never get it.
says Rooster on Oct 11th 17 (#2671703)
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I love this guy! And, I think I'm gonna have to make a train like that for our pack.
says Budwick on Oct 11th 17 (#2671707)
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Me too. Here's another video about his dogs. Doggies are barking and having a blast. Love it. I'm going to try and find this guy and send him some money, to help him out with the cost of taking care of these dogs. I'm sure he could use the help.
says Quiz_Time on Oct 11th 17 (#2671726)
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