now you can be right wherever you are.

Once or twice a week now, Bostick and the nine dogs currently under his care can be seen puttering down quiet streets around town or through the forest near their home or stopping by a local creek for some fresh air in the custom dog train. It's something the formerly unloved dogs have come to relish in their happy new lives. How sweet is this?! :-)
says Quizzy on Oct 11th 17 (#815498)


I think it's great! Dogs need loving and attention and many never get it.
says Rooster on Oct 11th 17 (#2671703)
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I love this guy! And, I think I'm gonna have to make a train like that for our pack.
says Budwick on Oct 11th 17 (#2671707)
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It's definitely sweet - I'm a big fan of most domesticated house pets having life good :)
says PartyOfOne on Nov 8th 17 (#2689192)
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