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Old Man Story Chapter1 “I went to Columbia University. I graduated as a Jounalist. I was top of my class. I loved writing. Though it was more than that. I loved having people read what I wrote. I tried a couple Newspapers. Neither hiring. I decided to go Freelance. I wanted to reach people with my thoughts. My life Changed in 1982 when a story I wrote got picked up by a small town paper. A small little back woods town in Missouri paid me 28$ for an article I wrote on gang violence. In a town that had no gang violence. I’ve fought and strived my whole life living right at the poverty line. People were meant to read my stories. There was one time I wrote about an antique watch that was dug up in a town called Nixa. It was auctioned off for Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Everything I’ve ever written. All my true to heart articles. None of them came close. Every local newspaper picked up on my “Watch Story”. It was a good Christmas. But it wasn’t what I wanted them to read. I suppose you could call me retired now. I live off of welfare, food stamps and the meager royalty’s of what I’ve written in the past. My son brought me a computer the other day. I had always worked on an old typewriter. I then learned about “ social media”. So I wrote an article on a website. It got 100,000 views. The next one got 650,000 views. More people reading what I wrote than anytime in my life. The one I wrote last night is going to hit 1 million views. So is the video of the cat playing jump rope. Everything I’ve worked for and hoped for my whole life, was handed to me for free. It doesn’t make me happy. It leaves me empty.” Be careful what you wish for. (+6)
says DW2 on Nov 24th 17 (#816805)
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Yes...and no. The old man in your story is finally having his writing viewed, which is not to necessarily say read, but when any idiot can get a million views on the internet, there is no longer anything special about it. From what I have seen, the stupidest content online tends to receive far more attention than that from exceptional creators.
says Bozette on Nov 24th 17 (#2696507)
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I still wanna know what happened after the body parts started to go missing!
says AliceD on Nov 24th 17 (#2696511)
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He sounds a bit misguided to me. His statement, "People were meant to read my stories", is narcissistic at best considering people read what interests them. Then to push it to the point of retiring on welfare and food stamps instead of finding a job that would pay his bills and making writing a hobby is ludicrous.
says Will_Janitor on Nov 24th 17 (#2696639)
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