now you can be right wherever you are.

👺 What some people fail to understand is that you can’t understand all people...but sadly this lack of understanding manifests itself in prejudice, labeling and branding. amirite? 👺 (+1)
says Tiffanee on Nov 24th 17 (#816817)
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Yes, I believe that you are. I would go into it further when I get a chance :)
says AliceD on Nov 24th 17 (#2696659)
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Yes, I believe you are right also! You just can't understand everyone!
says Rooster on Nov 24th 17 (#2696664)
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It would be nice if we could...
says DandyDon on Nov 24th 17 (#2696680)
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Interestingly I have never found that it is a prerequisite for getting along with people although :)
says AliceD on Nov 24th 17 (#2696691)
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No it isn't necessary. (smile)
says DandyDon on Nov 24th 17 (#2696696)
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I guess the problem most people have is it is easier to judge someone than to try and understand them.
says Tiffanee on Nov 24th 17 (#2696698)
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I don't even want to understand some people. :) (maniac)(maniac)(maniac)
says Will_Janitor on Nov 24th 17 (#2696697)
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says Tiffanee on Nov 24th 17 (#2696699)
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I sift through a lot of negative information, some of which comes from personal conversations, other areas from professional sources. Much of the information I deal with is saddening, tragic, and some sure to be life-lasting. I dislike giving up on people who need others' company because, for them, it's hard to find, but it does overwhelm me and I do need to set them on the back burner for my own sanity, though I wouldn't label these people "toxic" - they're simply "in need".
says PartyOfOne on Nov 24th 17 (#2696715)
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If they are rude to others. I'm out😊
says BarbOBarr on Jan 22nd 18 (#2714848)
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I agree that it's impossible to understand all people. In fact, I'm not sure I understand a single one of them. However, just understanding that other people are people too should be enough to eliminate one's prejudices. For instance, I don't understand transgender people at all. Not one bit. Still, I assume they're people with feelings and emotions similar to mine. Why would I want to make their lives any more difficult than they may already be? It doesn't make sense to me.
says PhilboydStudge on Nov 24th 17 (#2696706)
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Well put and very fair minded ;)
says PartyOfOne on Nov 24th 17 (#2696716)
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says Metal_god14 on Nov 24th 17 (#2696710)
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says Rooster on Nov 25th 17 (#2696797)
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I like most people and take everyone as they come...I reply to people's comments without always understanding them...I bluff....hehe
says JD on Nov 25th 17 (#2696798)
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Oh if there is one thing that really burns my bacon is judging, branding, and labeling of anyone. I have it happen to me all the time and it pisses me off but I never say word. I have had several people correct me because I say "ain't","ya" and a dozen other southern words which are terms used by uneducated people as some people seem to think. Well I look at it this way, if ya do like the way I talk you ain't gotta be friends with me. (biggrin). I graduated within a hair of getting a 4.0 in college and I have a actual tested IQ on the gifted level so I ain't a stupid redneck as some choose to label me, I just choose not to be the **** that shows it off. 🦋
says Lil_Princess on Nov 26th 17 (#2697293)
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Know that this goes both ways, be sure to check your own prejudice and bias before doing it to others. No one is perfect but one should put themselves up to the same standard they put on others.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Dec 29th 17 (#2707865)
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