now you can be right wherever you are.

👺 What some people fail to understand is that you can’t understand all people...but sadly this lack of understanding manifests itself in prejudice, labeling and branding. amirite? 👺 (+1)
says Tiffanee on Nov 24th 17 (#816817)
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Yes, I believe that you are. I would go into it further when I get a chance :)
says AliceD on Nov 24th 17 (#2696659)
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Yes, I believe you are right also! You just can't understand everyone!
says Rooster on Nov 24th 17 (#2696664)
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It would be nice if we could...
says DandyDon on Nov 24th 17 (#2696680)
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Interestingly I have never found that it is a prerequisite for getting along with people although :)
says AliceD on Nov 24th 17 (#2696691)
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No it isn't necessary. (smile)
says DandyDon on Nov 24th 17 (#2696696)
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I guess the problem most people have is it is easier to judge someone than to try and understand them.
says Tiffanee on Nov 24th 17 (#2696698)
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I don't even want to understand some people. :) (maniac)(maniac)(maniac)
says Will_Janitor on Nov 24th 17 (#2696697)
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says Tiffanee on Nov 24th 17 (#2696699)
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I sift through a lot of negative information, some of which comes from personal conversations, other areas from professional sources. Much of the information I deal with is saddening, tragic, and some sure to be life-lasting. I dislike giving up on people who need others' company because, for them, it's hard to find, but it does overwhelm me and I do need to set them on the back burner for my own sanity, though I wouldn't label these people "toxic" - they're simply "in need".
says PartyOfOne on Nov 24th 17 (#2696715)
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I agree that it's impossible to understand all people. In fact, I'm not sure I understand a single one of them. However, just understanding that other people are people too should be enough to eliminate one's prejudices. For instance, I don't understand transgender people at all. Not one bit. Still, I assume they're people with feelings and emotions similar to mine. Why would I want to make their lives any more difficult than they may already be? It doesn't make sense to me.
says PhilboydStudge on Nov 24th 17 (#2696706)
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Well put and very fair minded ;)
says PartyOfOne on Nov 24th 17 (#2696716)
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says Metal_god14 on Nov 24th 17 (#2696710)
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says Rooster on Nov 25th 17 (#2696797)
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I like most people and take everyone as they come...I reply to people's comments without always understanding them...I bluff....hehe
says JD on Nov 25th 17 (#2696798)
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Oh if there is one thing that really burns my bacon is judging, branding, and labeling of anyone. I have it happen to me all the time and it pisses me off but I never say word. I have had several people correct me because I say "ain't","ya" and a dozen other southern words which are terms used by uneducated people as some people seem to think. Well I look at it this way, if ya do like the way I talk you ain't gotta be friends with me. (biggrin). I graduated within a hair of getting a 4.0 in college and I have a actual tested IQ on the gifted level so I ain't a stupid redneck as some choose to label me, I just choose not to be the **** that shows it off. 🦋
says Lil_Princess on Nov 26th 17 (#2697293)
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