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Another domino falls... (+1)
says Bozette on Nov 29th 17 (#816890)
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Just heard this on the news. My, how the mighty have fallen. Here's a lesson for you fellas, if you haven't already figured it out: Keep your grubby hands (and other body parts) to yourself.
says Linnster on Nov 29th 17 (#2698358)
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Methinks it a bit late for the dominoes standing in line.
says Bozette on Nov 29th 17 (#2698364)
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I think women should keep their grubby little hands (and other body parts) to themselves and off of married men.
says BTA on Nov 29th 17 (#2698399)
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True. Sexual improprieties are not unique to men.
says Bozette on Nov 29th 17 (#2698408)
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And, here's a lesson for Mom's and Dad's - raise up your children to respect others. Being a friend to your child is not the same or as good as being a parent.
says Budwick on Nov 29th 17 (#2698361)
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Another one bites the dust
says Metal_god14 on Nov 29th 17 (#2698388)
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The left started all this sexual harassment stuff.
says BTA on Nov 29th 17 (#2698401)
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Sexual harassment began long before there was a political left and right.
says Bozette on Nov 29th 17 (#2698411)
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I mean recently, with the Trump accusations. Be careful what you ask for.
says BTA on Nov 29th 17 (#2698459)
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What I asked for? Not my circus, not my monkeys.
says Bozette on Nov 29th 17 (#2698621)
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Not you personally. "You" = the left, who initiated all this hubbub. Now they got what they asked for.
says BTA on Nov 30th 17 (#2698669)
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You're right, bo. There is nothing political about this. And, there are women who engage in such behavior. But...many more men are in positions of authority. It's a power thing, so we will see far more men in that domino lineup. Been a long sime since 1991 and anita hill.
says Carla on Nov 29th 17 (#2698416)
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Men are more likely to be in positions of power, and thus more likely to use their position in this manner. And yes, there are more dominoes yet to fall. Theotherwoman brings up a good point, though, that women engage in this, too, even if not from a position of power. You ever get here for a bonfire and beer night, I'll tell ya a just brought back memories too good to not tell. :)
says Bozette on Nov 29th 17 (#2698426)
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I would come to that:) I still see it as a power thing. I reckon it doesnt have to be a person who has authority. But to have the power to get what doesnt belong to you or what others, or even yourself ( not you, you) may deem isnt deserved. For some, that is a heady thing.
says Carla on Nov 29th 17 (#2698493)
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Of course it has a political component. It's generally true for both parties, that if one of the other party's guys does it, it's terrible, but if one of our own can't behave, let's find a way to give him a pass. A notable recent exception to this general rule is Senator Gillibrand saying Bill Clinton should have resigned. Of course it comes 20 years too late, but it still generated shock waves among certain Democrats. The last sentence of the article, spoken by a Hillary Clinton aide, reads, “Over 20 yrs you took the Clintons' endorsements, money, and seat. Hypocrite,” he wrote. “Interesting strategy for 2020 primaries. Best of luck.”
says Thinkerbell on Nov 29th 17 (#2698453)
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We have the pussy, and that's all the power we need, ever needed and ever will need.
says BTA on Nov 29th 17 (#2698461)
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Good to see.
says beachbum on Nov 29th 17 (#2698450)
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I don't think this is limited to men, or even some women, in positions of power at all. I think this is more a result of people who feel they are "entitled" to do what they want. This type of conduct goes on with penniless thugs on the street as much as it does with CEO's. It's ALL wrong and will only be reduced when people are all held accountable. I doubt if the people who do this, only starts doing it when they become a CEO. It probably started when they were still young men or women.
says JustJimColo on Nov 29th 17 (#2698476)
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It's as if the pendulum hit a wall before it started swinging in the other direction. It's incredible but long overdue. At this rate we'll soon have all female news anchors and all female politicians. Yea, yea.. I know some women do the same thing.
says PhilboydStudge on Nov 29th 17 (#2698495)
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While I feel terrible for victims of sexual crime, it seems as if all any woman has to do is say that a man has done something and he's presumed guilty. Also, are we men still allowed to proposition a woman or do we have to let her make the first move now? Where's the new line not to cross?
says JerryHendrickson on Nov 29th 17 (#2698497)
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To "proposition" someone has a negative connotation, you know. It suggests proposing a **** act in an offensive way, to somebody one is not already in that kind of relationship with. It is sadly true though, for sure, that those accused of something are often presumed guilty.
says Piper2 on Nov 29th 17 (#2698609)
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That accusation does not equal guilt is a point I have brought up several times on different posts, Jerry. That this is and long has been happening is undeniable, though. Still, the #me too phenomenon is over the top, imo. It is even currently running second (6%) to MBS (18%) in Time's "Person of the Year" poll. If dealt with honestly, calling both sexual predators and those making false accusations to account, this could be healthy and long overdue societal correction. People need to refrain from allowing both party identity and identity politics to color their views. Actual guilt cannot be determined in the court of public opinion.
says Bozette on Nov 29th 17 (#2698619)
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And another one, I just heard. Garrison Keillor has been accused of 'inappropriate' behavior', allegedly because he put his hand on a co-workers bare back, in the process of patting it because she was distressed about something. That is his version, and the allegation is still being investigated. Minnesota Public Radio has severed ties with Keillor, and A Prairie Home Companion will have a name change.
says Piper2 on Nov 29th 17 (#2698540)
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Hopefully the allegation is false. A few years back I had a longer commute and sometimes listened to PBS. I enjoyed Writers Almanac when Keillor read the day's poem.
says PhilboydStudge on Nov 29th 17 (#2698613)
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I hope so too, and the details of his 'inappropriate behavior' are sketchy at this point, aside from his own brief statement. I've been enjoying hearing his shows on PBS for a very long time.
says Piper2 on Nov 29th 17 (#2698623)
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says Gun on Nov 29th 17 (#2698544)
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That image of Matt Lauer and Hillary Clinton on a sexual misconduct post NOW makes me want to throw up a little.
says BTA on Nov 30th 17 (#2698674)
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I thought it rather interesting that the NYT chose that particular picture for this story. ;)
says Bozette on Nov 30th 17 (#2698680)
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The era of casting couch mentality is on its death bed.
says TomboyJanet on Nov 30th 17 (#2698865)
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