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Praise for Putin, Duterte, Erdogan while scorning your own FBI, is this what we call patriotism and presidential behavior?
says VicZinc on Dec 4th 17 (#816985)
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No. That seems wrong to me. (6)
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none of this would be said against Hilary if she won, dispite evidence she was even more in bed with Putin then MSM wants you to believe trump is
says Anonymousmouse on Dec 4th 17 (#2700341)
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The FBI is in bed with you liberal douches so Hell yes. I'd like to be friends with our worst enemy. We could use a powerful friend right about now; especially with this N. Korea shit going on.
says JerryHendrickson on Dec 4th 17 (#2700352)
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Praise for Erdogan? Mr I will change the political structure of my country so I can remain in power and I will jail every university professor, journalist, news agency and person who dares speak against me Erdogan?
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Dec 4th 17 (#2700372)
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Sounds familiar
says VicZinc on Dec 4th 17 (#2700396)
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Yeah it does, if there were killings too it would be complete dictatorship, for now it's just softcore dictatorship. Do you want to read from wikipedia in Turkey? Think again, real knowledge doesn't favor the new power, heil Edrogan
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Dec 4th 17 (#2700399)
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Sure does --- especially from liberal professors and so-called experts who are calling for the jailing of those who disagree with them.
says Seonag on Dec 7th 17 (#2701301)
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Oh please Vic, you liberals along with our "msm" had no problem AT ALL when Hillary Clinton as or country's SOS did that silly "reset" button with the Russians, NOR had a problem AT ALL when President Obama while running for re-election in 2012 was caught on a hot mic whispering to the Russian President Medvedev to pass on to Putin that he(if re-elected as our CIC) would have more flexibility to negotiate with PUTIN after our US elections....Come on man, that is the definition of a candidate running for POTUS or to be re-elected COLLUDING with the Russians during a Presidential election to get themselves elected/re-elected, and you know it!!
says Gronk17 on Dec 4th 17 (#2700377)
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So you vote "yes" on this?
says VicZinc on Dec 4th 17 (#2700397)
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Foreign and domestic are separate issues. We have always dealt with foreign leaders of questionable character, often those of well-known bad character, and those leaders have been backed and/or cooperated with by every single president in modern times (at the least). Regarding domestic agencies, do you think it "patriotic" to sweep the flaws and failings of those agencies under the rug? You seem to feel differently when it comes to showing scorn for our president.
says Bozette on Dec 4th 17 (#2700384)
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So you vote "yes" on this one?
says VicZinc on Dec 4th 17 (#2700398)
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Your question encompasses different issues and diffetent behaviors, so is not a simple yes/no question, imo.
says Bozette on Dec 4th 17 (#2700400)
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No, I would call it more like truth and honesty. [Don't even look Vic. It's not in your dictionary.]
says Budwick on Dec 4th 17 (#2700409)
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Does that mean you vote "yes"
says VicZinc on Dec 4th 17 (#2700444)
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It means I disregard your disdain for America and President Trump.
says Budwick on Dec 4th 17 (#2700449)
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Is that how you 'disregard' it - muddying up my post by trolling me?
says VicZinc on Dec 4th 17 (#2700481)
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Trolling? Is that what we're calling disagreement these days? Poor, poor Vic! This post was destined for a Nobel prize if it weren't for those meddling kids and that... dog!
says Budwick on Dec 5th 17 (#2700745)
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I think we're gonna find out soon what dirt Putin has on Trump. That's why he's dissing the FBI because they are getting too close to the truth. How dare him call the FBI dysfunctional when they are out there every day defending Americans and risking their lives. I wish his secret service detail would accidently forget to protect him, then maybe he would change his tune. Donald Trump is insane and not fit to be president.
says StarzAbove on Dec 4th 17 (#2700602)
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I do find Trump's praise and seeming admiration for certain dictators of other countries to be odd. I do not know for sure, what is considered "patriotic" these days. I just know that not waving a flag around, or always standing when the national anthem is played, does not equate to being unpatriotic, to me. Back when honoring the flag was an almost daily part of my life, young people who protested a pointless war were being beaten, jailed and sometimes gunned down. I think Trump ought to be a tad less public, with his dissing of the government agencies he has a personal problem with.
says Piper2 on Dec 5th 17 (#2700618)
Reply | +4 | 4 Never Heard of Such Case Unless the Victim is Dead’: Why Did Obama DOJ Ignore FBI Informant In Uranium-One ------- Trump-Hating FBI Agent Fired From Mueller Team Changed Key Language In Hillary Clinton Email Probe ---------- Anti-Trump FBI Agent He was Involved in the FISA Warrants Used to Wiretap Trump Inside the Network of Fusion GPS-Linked Journalists Pushing ‘Trump-Russia’ Hysteria Stop...just stop james you seriously didn't know about a tarmac meeting with bill Clinton & Loretta lynch? since when does former president move around without secret service? the AG without protection? ahuhh where was your posting ? peeling an onion.... layer by layer name calling hasn't worked collusion hasn't worked fake dossier hasn't worked going for obstruction of justice this go round for the sole purpose of what? impeach President Trump think it'll work? myself I'm smiling the midterms should be exciting as will the 2020 election
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Dec 5th 17 (#2700626)
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His praise of dictators has bothered me from the beginning of his run. I think he envies those with absolute power. Envisions himself as one capable of yielding it. He also has derespected the fbi from the beginning of his term. Along with national security, war heros, our allies, etc. When he is face to face with powerful leaders he has demeaned, like xi, he moons over them like a girl. He has no strength of character, no empathy, no desire to serve the public, and is not presidential or dignified in the slightest. Unfortunately, most of his supporters have the mentality of typical reality tv fans and are enjoying the show, with no regard to the damage being done to this country. And while they watch the show, he and his lawmakers are ensuring that they and their wealthiest constituents are getting the biggest financial gift in history. Blind and ingnorent to the fact that they are going to pay for it. And lifting restrictions that protect our waters and lands. Enriching the already wealthy. And we too, in the end will suffer from inevitable loss. So, vic...i voted, no.
says Carla on Dec 5th 17 (#2700659)
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says Carla on Dec 5th 17 (#2700660)
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It is bizarre and sooooooooooo hypocritical that his supporters see this as patriotic. Can you imagine if this was Obama. It would be a different story then.
says Tiffanee on Dec 5th 17 (#2700798)
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Hypocrical is an understatement. They are screaming about clinton and she is completely out of the picture.
says Carla on Dec 5th 17 (#2700801)
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