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Some people are just asking for horrible diseases (+6)
says DWF on Jan 2nd 18 (#817423)
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I've drunk well water for the vast majority of my life and trust it over municipal water.
says Bozette on Jan 2nd 18 (#2708960)
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Me too I grew up on a farm with a well. That water was good water full of minerals. I think in a populated area you would be smart to have it tested now and then. Never have I heard well water called raw water.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jan 4th 18 (#2709851)
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I've never heard it called that either.
says Bozette on Jan 4th 18 (#2709891)
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No surprise there for the Bay Area! But I wouldn't drink water from around there with all those oil distilleries around. Up here where I live? You can go either way. Tap or well water.
says Rooster on Jan 2nd 18 (#2708969)
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This will get you sicker quicker
says Gun on Jan 4th 18 (#2709529)
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I have literally never heard of anything like that until you posted it and I spend a fair amount of time in left wing political spaces
says DWF on Jan 4th 18 (#2709581)
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I never heard of it either until I saw it on line.
says Gun on Jan 4th 18 (#2709802)
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