now you can be right wherever you are.

Which country that isn’t your own do you enjoy learning about the most?
says doctorwho1011 on Jan 11th 18 (#817537)


I'm interested in some of Europe's medieval history. It's interesting and conjures up images of myth and fantasy mixed in with a touch of reality..
says JustJimColo on Jan 11th 18 (#2711390)
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Barbarians running around all over hacking everyone to bits RAAWWRR!(hehe) 乂^◡^乂
says Ada on Jan 11th 18 (#2711393)
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How medieval are we talking about and which side of Europe? Bulgaria for instance was established in 681 and they dug up 6000 year old gold in the Varna Necropolis.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jan 11th 18 (#2711442)
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Any age I find interesting. 681 works..<s>
says JustJimColo on Jan 11th 18 (#2711500)
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America. 乂º◡º乂
says Ada on Jan 11th 18 (#2711394)
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says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 11th 18 (#2711421)
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All of the world. I don't discriminate.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 11th 18 (#2711422)
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The US I guess
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jan 11th 18 (#2711441)
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Scandinavia and the lore of the Vikings!
says Rooster on Jan 11th 18 (#2711514)
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I'l read just about anything and am curious about everything. I picked up a book "1066" and read it because I wanted to know what it was about. So, now I know a bit more about William the Conquerer and how he conquered England. So, I'd have to agree with Z - all of the world.
says ozzyboy on Jan 12th 18 (#2711638)
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Pretty much every country on earth has some fascinating cultures and rituals.
says JimiHendrix on Jan 12th 18 (#2711665)
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All the world, but especially Europe. Ok, ok! So I'm Eurocentric. (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Jan 12th 18 (#2711740)
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Since my grandfather immigrated to America from Russia in 1910, I was interested in finding out more about Russia, since the only information reported on the mainstream media was always bad news about how bad Russia is. Then I found out that it has a rich cultural history with great people who have just been subjugated by tyrants for centuries. And I really love the food from that area. Fortunately for me, when my grandfather was still alive, I could get some of that great food when I visited his house where he lived in Hamtramck, Michigan, which had a large Russian and Polish community which carried on the "old country" traditions and cuisine.
says goblue1968 on Jan 13th 18 (#2711901)
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Among modern-day countries, Russia has always fascinated me. I love learning about countries and cultures that no longer exist, too, from the Vikings to Medieval to the ancient Biblical times.
says Bozette on Jan 15th 18 (#2712412)
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As good as every country or region has a particular history and environment, whether Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Americas, or the oldest for humanity, Africa. All of them are interesting.
says Marianne on Jan 16th 18 (#2712793)
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