now you can be right wherever you are.

If everyone takes the local "shortcut", and jams it with so much traffic that it takes 10 minutes longer to get to your destination, it's not really a shortcut. Amirite? Do you have this type of shortcut in your town? (+8)
says COGSPI on Jan 12th 18 (#817552)
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Many people amaze me. So easily mind conditioned.
says COGSPI on Jan 12th 18 (#2711675)
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Actually, no, because we have clever people doing some krap you wouldn't even think was possible. But then again, I live in a civilized country, where cyclists and walkers have their own pathways to carry on.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 12th 18 (#2711677)
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There have been a few around here over the years and now they are a total mess. I'm glad I don't have to commute any more.
says Rooster on Jan 12th 18 (#2711689)
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Yes, because of bridge construction this past summer. But it's fixed now, and everything is back to normal.
says StarzAbove on Jan 12th 18 (#2711690)
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We have some of those. They dont cause that kind of traffic out here, though. Our roads are hugely affected by harsh weather. When a road gets attention, large trucks will use the repaired road until it falls apart again, it is a vicious circle.
says Carla on Jan 12th 18 (#2711695)
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I have to get to the next town to get to "it," but once I'm on it......a much shorter ride to the beach. ;)
says Freeranger on Jan 12th 18 (#2711755)
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