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This is Emmanuel Mensah, an immigrant from Ghana and member of the Army National Guard, who died recently to save 4 people from a fire. He may be from a "sh*thole country", but he's done more for fellow Americans than Trump ever will. Amirite? (+8)
says Mcfly on Jan 13th 18 (#817558)
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To be fair, some countries aren't exactly pleasant places to live in. That doesn't mean everyone from there are pieces of shit. Most people in such countries just don't have the opportunities to better themselves. This guy was able to make something respectable of himself, and he ended up being a hero, because the opportunities he had in a western nation. Besides, people call places such as the US south, US midwest, western Canada, and eastern Europe shitholes all the time, even generalizing everyone from there and painting them all as backwards pieces of shit... the same people who are flipping out over the "shithole countries" remark.
says Thedudeyouhatetomeet on Jan 13th 18 (#2711799)
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I think trump was incorrect in saying what he did, but we should encourage the best and brightest to come there not the poor and uneducated. There is a city called Lewiston here in Maine, they started inviting a few people to the town from Nigeria i think it was . Now Lewiston has gone bankrupt from all the welfare they had to give to people who have lots of kids - can not or will not work.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jan 13th 18 (#2711803)
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Why are you calling Ghana a "shithole country". That's not very nice.
says COGSPI on Jan 13th 18 (#2711808)
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never heard of ghana where is that who were you talking to??(what)
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jan 14th 18 (#2712146)
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The government of some of those countries have enriched themselves at the expense of their people. It is disgusting how much money was poured into Haiti and very little got to the people. If he was referring to the the government, he was right. The people should be taken care of in their own countries.
says ozzyboy on Jan 13th 18 (#2711809)
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Yes usa never has owned hati why are they our responsibility? Blame the countries who put people there then left. I don't know which for sure but it was france spain , england or dutch
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Jan 14th 18 (#2712148)
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I don't know that this is the best way to prove the point, but yes, Mensah has given more for America than Trump. But then again, I have a very low opinion of Trump.
says ajmsituation on Jan 13th 18 (#2711827)
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There are a lot of shithole countries. I've been to some, including the middle eastern countries. There are also quite a few shithole cities in the US. People need to call em what they are instead of pretending they aren't.
says JustJimColo on Jan 13th 18 (#2711854)
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In that same vein we also need to stop pretending our President isn't a complete ****.
says PhilboydStudge on Jan 13th 18 (#2711858)
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What legislation or executive orders has he helped pass, or sign, do you disagree with Phil?
says JustJimColo on Jan 13th 18 (#2711862)
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Jim, even if I agreed with every single piece of legislation/executive order the President has helped pass, it wouldn't change my opinion of him as a human being. He's a disgrace. To answer your question, here are several I disagree with: Gorsuch confirmation to Supreme Court Tax Cut Bill Ending Clean Power Act Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement Repeal of Individual Mandate Ending restrictions which prevented police from obtaining military weapons And here are a few I do agree with: Pulling out of TPP Military's victories over ISIS
says PhilboydStudge on Jan 13th 18 (#2711893)
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Ok. We'll agree to disagree. :)
says JustJimColo on Jan 13th 18 (#2711965)
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President Trumps comments could have serious consequences if Haiti and the African country's response, is to cut aid to the United States......
says JustJimColo on Jan 13th 18 (#2711859)
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LOL -- I'm so worried about the serious consequences of Haiti and African countries who are offended cutting aid TO the United States.
says Seonag on Jan 13th 18 (#2711904)
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So, McFly, have you made vacation arrangements for Haiti yet? Or any other of these countries that take the US funding, yet do very little if anything to improve the lives of the people there. Maybe it's time for those citizens to change things at home instead of running to another country.
says Seonag on Jan 13th 18 (#2711906)
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I remember how disappointed I was, after risking my own life, in the chopper. I was acting as an emergency pilot, not really as one of the team, just backup. And... Well... The one **** time I needed to take Super Puma for an actual mission, I sort of saved 23 lives from a huge house fire. Not one word of gratitude. Well, one, but that doesn't really count, does it, since it wasn't from one of the probable victims. Just her grandma. Which is both very nice and very weird.
says ZonkeyBalls on Jan 13th 18 (#2712002)
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You've been around the block enough times to never expect gratitude from those you help. Many have grown to expect others to risk their lives for them.
says JustJimColo on Jan 15th 18 (#2712438)
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Yes, but Mickey Mouse has done more for America than Trump has.
says StarzAbove on Jan 13th 18 (#2712008)
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Done nothing for Americans and I thought the 14,0000 people who work for him, we're pleased they had a job....
says JD on Jan 13th 18 (#2712029)
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Previously Deported Illegal Alien Threatens to Kill Bus Passengers — Leads Police on High Speed Chase nothing like watching the left Trot out the military when it's suits them just like they TROT out the constitution when it suits the moment then back to business as usual BTW: it's been Proven he never said it **** Turbin... a proven LIAR FLASHBACK: Far Left Rolling Stone Cranks Defend Obama for Using Vulgar Language Let’s take a look back a few years and see how one liberal media outlet handled a subject like this. Here’s what Rolling Stone said about Obama and vulgar language: Our 44th president has a very vivid vocabulary. Obama famously called Kanye West a “jackass,” and on the audiobook version of his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, you can hear the future president mimicking an old high-school friend who evidently knew his Richard Pryor: “You know that guy ain’t shit. Sorry-** ** ain’t got nothing on me.” But it was in the pages of Rolling Stone that Obama really drew the ire of the pious, calling opponent Mitt Romney a “bullshitter.” Sometimes the dirty word is the most precise. That’s a profoundly different approach to the topic, isn’t it? It sounds like they’re saying Obama was smart and cool for using such language. Double standard much there mcfly?
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jan 15th 18 (#2712399)
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mcfly when was the last time you were shithole Reservation? Pine Ridge Indian Reservation: Impoverished People you even know where Pine Ridge is? here is a clue for you South Dakota, located in the United States Lakota, Proud People Rich history here is an Idea Mcfly head to the Navajo Nation an see the HIGH standard of living the Navajo, Warriors of the FINEST order lots of people come from shithole places at Pow WOW we honor those who fought the colors we Honor those who died for the colors some words for you mcfly A Mocca man in a wigwam sitting on a Reservation. With a big black hole in the belly of his soul Waiting on an explanation the tourist takes pictures of the Navajo Every time he clicks his Kodak pics He steals a little bit of soul. Every time he clicks his Kodak pics He steals a little bit of soul. Emannual was a Warrior he died a good deathe saving others rich in Spirit
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jun 6th 18 (#2774852)
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