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BUSTED: Trump didn't use the word "sh**thole", that was the Dems' word, a characterization, a summary of Trump's comments on immigration from troubled countries rather than a direct quote. (+1)
says Maze on Jan 13th 18 (#817563)
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They said "they do not recall" Trump saying that. They didn't outright say he didn't say it. How about the others who were in the room. Apparently, Lindsay Graham had something to say about the president's words.
says Linnster on Jan 13th 18 (#2711950)
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It doesnt matter linn. Trump devotees will excuse and justify whatever vileness comes from his mouth. They cant even see that this great televised meeting was only to prove his sanity. And all it prooved was that he hasnt the ability to hold a thought for more than a moment. He aims to be liked, will say what needs said to accomplish that. Classic narcissistic behavior.
says Carla on Jan 13th 18 (#2711975)
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I agree. I'd like to see all these suck-ups gone in the mid-term elections.
says Linnster on Jan 13th 18 (#2711998)
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We can surely hope... And vote.
says Carla on Jan 13th 18 (#2712032)
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That's my plan. :)
says Linnster on Jan 13th 18 (#2712071)
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Republicans seem to be fine with anything the Donald says. Are all republican law makers racists and bigots?
says Flrdsgns on Jan 13th 18 (#2711988)
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No. I think that goes too far. Most simply want to survive the current political environment.
says PhilboydStudge on Jan 13th 18 (#2712072)
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Not surprising. Most of the GOP has hitched their wagons to this President. We'll probably never know for certain what the vulgarian said, but the alleged comment doesn't seem at all out of character.
says PhilboydStudge on Jan 13th 18 (#2711991)
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anyone remember the shitstorm aftermath when Obama said ... Obama referred to Libya as a "shit show" and blamed British Prime Minister David Cameron ohh that's right..... there wasn't one **** the lefts fake moral outrage eveyone gets a trophy
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jan 13th 18 (#2712111)
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He implied that Libya is usually good but has been turned into a mess by the civil wars, revolts and turmoil. Trump disparaged countries and a continent simply for existing. Not the same thing at all.
says Skr3wBall on Jan 15th 18 (#2712583)
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just one problem, trump never said it **** TURBIN he once called Marines.... Naizs fuckDICKTURBIN all to hell
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Jan 16th 18 (#2712691)
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says azlotto on Jan 14th 18 (#2712137)
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If you think you can rely on the Democrats to accurately convey something Trump said when there is no recording of what he said, you haven't been paying attention. WHAT I DO KNOW FOR A FACT is Trump didn't publicly call any country a shithole. **** Durbin (Dem) said Trump said that, and the mainstream media spread it around.
says Maze on Jan 14th 18 (#2712172)
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I don't know or particularly care if he said it or not.
says Bozette on Jan 15th 18 (#2712432)
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Nearly everyone's account was either that he said it, said something extremely similar, or they claim they don't remember or didn't hear it. The only person who outright denied it was Trump and it took him some time to actually do it. Plus Trump's base would probably, noticed quite a few who concretely, agree with the sentiment so I really see no point in denying the claim. Trump thinks certain places and the people there are absolute garbage, especially where they don't look like Norwegiansl; this shouldn't surprise anyone.
says Skr3wBall on Jan 15th 18 (#2712586)
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As usual, Trump can't take any responsibility for his words or actions.
says dru18 on Jan 16th 18 (#2713059)
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I keep hearing how low Trumps poll numbers are. Kind of reminds me of the night of the election.
says JustJimColo on Jan 19th 18 (#2713800)
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