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Before They Were Famous (+4)
says Freeranger on Jan 13th 18 (#817568)
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says Freeranger on Jan 13th 18 (#2712028)
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I can add a few who aren't on that list. Drew Carey Hugh Hefner Audie Murphy Si Robertson Oliver Stone Chuck Norris
says Rooster on Jan 13th 18 (#2712046)
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What I would like to see are those who are added with their military bio/photo if possible Rooster. I think some people would be surprised.
says Freeranger on Jan 13th 18 (#2712061)
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Here's a list of 44 stars who served in the military and a short bio of each:
says Linnster on Jan 13th 18 (#2712075)
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Famous rock/country stars who served in the military:
says Linnster on Jan 13th 18 (#2712077)
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And this surprise: Bea Arthur Best known for her roles on the popular television shows "Maude" and "The Golden Girls," the late Bea Arthur was also once a truck driver in the Marine Corps. She was one of the first members of the Women's Reserve and aside from driving military trucks, she was also a typist. Arthur enlisted at the age of 21 in early 1943 under her original name, Bernice Frankel. Appraisals from her enlistment interviews described her conversation as “argumentative” and her attitude and manner as “over aggressive” fitting, given the cantankerous characters she would play later in life. In a handwritten note, the Marine interviewer remarked, “Officiousbut probably a good worker -- if she has her own way!” Arthur was stationed at Marine Corps and Navy air stations in Virginia and North Carolina during her career, and was promoted from corporal to sergeant to staff sergeant. She was honorably discharged in September 1945, married a fellow Marine (Private Robert Aurthur) shortly afterwards, and changed her name to Bea Arthur before enrolling in the Dramatic Workshop of the New School in New York in 1947. After a successful Broadway career that included a Tony award, Arthur made a splash as "Cousin Maude" in the classic TV series "All in the Family" in the early '70s, and went on to star in her own sit-com, and cement her celebrity fame in the long-running "Golden Girls."
says Linnster on Jan 13th 18 (#2712078)
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Audie Murphy;s name should speak for itself. WW2's most decorated soldier and the M.o.H. also.
says Rooster on Jan 13th 18 (#2712110)
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I did know about Rob Riggle. I think they mentioned it on the Daily Show when Jon Stewart was still the host.
says Linnster on Jan 13th 18 (#2712073)
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Good post Freeranger. I learned something today. Ed McMahon. He was a Marine pilot who flew 85 combat missions in the Korean War.
says PhilboydStudge on Jan 13th 18 (#2712087)
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sometimes it's pleasant to destroy a few of the assumptions. I'm one of the largest critics of the self absorbed in Hollyweird, however, as we see here, there is that certain percentage.....
says Freeranger on Jan 14th 18 (#2712153)
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