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Life hacks , someone just made Life that bit simpler for you in the tiniest way *if you watched this vid* but it all helps :) (+5)
says Darkest_Serenity on Jan 18th 18 (#817635)
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That's a lot of hacks, too much to watch at once :D
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Jan 18th 18 (#2713572)
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Good old common sense. We used to learn these kinds of things by doing projects with parents and grandparents. But, watching 50 minute videos might work too.
says Budwick on Jan 19th 18 (#2713767)
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I'm trying to collect enough wire clothes hangers to build something. I'm not sure what it is...just yet..
says DandyDon on Jan 20th 18 (#2713969)
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I am getting awfully tired of "life hacks" from people who have not tried what they are preaching. Some of these hacks are nothing more than repeating random gossip. The Mother Earth News got interested in ways to store eggs, and the first thing they learned was that NOBODY had ever actually tried any of the traditional methods that had been handed down for many years. So they bought a few cases of eggs and tried them all. Bottom line: nothing works best. Eggs in a refrigerator keep longer than eggs at room temp, but any attempt to treat the eggs in any way reduced their shelf life. We are talking about hacks that have been circulating for centuries. And they are worth less than nothing. How about vinegar and baking soda for cleaning? Total ignorance. Vinegar is acid and soda is base. An acid and a base neutralize each other producing CO2 bubbles and sodium acetate. Acetates are a fascinating class of chemicals with a lot of uses, but cleaning things is not one of them. And this is a hack that has been circulating for centuries. I watched the flick for a few minutes and it's nice that the hacks are actually demonstrated. But then came a suggestion to mix vinegar and olive oil to recondition leather shoes. If you do that, you will find that after you walk a few yards your shoes are incredibly dusty. The dust sticks to the olive oil! Shoe polish was made for that job. Use a hair dryer to melt the polish so it soaks in. After it cools, use a brush or cloth to bring out the shine.
says that_guy on Mar 13th 18 (#2732392)
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How to shine shoes.
says that_guy on Mar 21st 18 (#2735501)
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