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Calling each other names violates TOS. Having an opinion I strongly disagree with does not violate anything. (+22)
says VicZinc on Feb 3rd 18 (#817951)
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Comments 乂º◡º乂
says Ada on Feb 3rd 18 (#2719662)
Reply | +7 | 6 I just wanted to post Mila. (hehe)(hehe)(hehe)
says SynysterGates on Feb 3rd 18 (#2719800)
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She's a bit like my little toe, I'd bang her off every piece of furniture in the house. (hehe)乂^◡^乂
says Ada on Feb 5th 18 (#2720732)
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says SynysterGates on Feb 5th 18 (#2720733)
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It's one thing attacking the opinion, it's another thing attacking the person because you disagree with their opinion.
says OzSurfer on Feb 3rd 18 (#2719663)
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So, does that mean we can't call you Uncle Vic? ; )
says azlotto on Feb 3rd 18 (#2719678)
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From now on, uncle Mustache.
says ZonkeyBalls on Feb 3rd 18 (#2719694)
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Lol... good point ;D
says PartyOfOne on Feb 3rd 18 (#2719808)
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People can easily respect each other despite different opinions, only the bitter ones will insult you for what you think. Against such people I show no mercy.
says Sunny_the_skeptic on Feb 3rd 18 (#2719690)
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The one time I show you my teeth and now you're already... Oh, it wasn't you. It was uncle Mustache. Sorry.
says ZonkeyBalls on Feb 3rd 18 (#2719695)
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Some people can't distinguish the difference between attacking the opinion and attacking the person.
says Linnster on Feb 3rd 18 (#2719807)
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No one walks with arrogance like the as yet unscathed.
says Tiffanee on Feb 5th 18 (#2720547)
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Yes we are all entitled to our opinion and as adults we should be able to discuss any difference in opinions calmly and rationally and have good productive discussion.
says Metal_god14 on Feb 5th 18 (#2720567)
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I like that word 'discussion', rather than 'debate'. I find a debate really just means shouting an opinion at someone while they shout their opinion back, never really resolves nothing. 乂º◡^乂
says Ada on Feb 5th 18 (#2720729)
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NOTICE my Iamrite name? not long ago I was given a R&R passto chill TOS huh rather one sided if one was to ask me.. but then! I'm not a sniveling little thinskin who runs away an tattles about their hurt feelings when they get bitchslapped after they verbally swing at me tell me more of these TOS an Idea for the THINSKINS don't like my postings. STOP GOING TO MY POSTINGS
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Feb 8th 18 (#2721475)
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Heh. Maybe this site isn't for you then
says TheCensoredBrit on Feb 13th 18 (#2724068)
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here is a thought for you brit don't start nothing won't be nothing aka be nice get nice or we can dance either way I don't give a **** it's not like I can walk down a street an just give a **** to anyone if I "feel" they have earned a **** I will give them a **** just so you know I can use the word **** as a Noun pronoun verb adjective and as a personal pronoun all in the same sentence how that we have that SQUARED AWAY what you care to discuss.... donuts?
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Feb 14th 18 (#2724137)
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Are you done shitting all over the place? Does someone need toilet training?
says TheCensoredBrit on Feb 18th 18 (#2726051)
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that's it? I learned that phrase from james comey let me guess you is the spinless little twinkle toed who got their feelz hurt and went running to the overlords. come back when you got something better to offer boy
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Feb 19th 18 (#2726139)
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I love toilet humor as much as the next guy, but you take it too far. I'll let you in on a little secret though. I enjoy reporting people like you because it riles you up. If you get booted as well, then thats a bonus. Now go cry to mommy about how those mean lefties censored your oh so important views
says TheCensoredBrit on Feb 19th 18 (#2726348)
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Its a little hard to reply to you if you keep deleting your comments. And toilet humor is when someone keeps talking about shit all the time and thinks its amusing.
says TheCensoredBrit on Feb 21st 18 (#2726796)
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when comments devolve into name calling they will be deleted.
says VicZinc on Feb 21st 18 (#2726811)
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I see.
says TheCensoredBrit on Feb 21st 18 (#2726850)
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liar I don't delete anything the Overlords may I don't I traded a hide for a gallon of local maple syrup I don't tap trees an he don't Trap Life goes on even without the internet
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Feb 22nd 18 (#2727082)
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Call me a liar all you like, but I tried to answer your reply and it was gone.
says TheCensoredBrit on Feb 22nd 18 (#2727123)
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I may really dislike some opinions but that would be a good reason to express my views to get that person to think my way. But calling them mean names will help nothing. If I think they are a Jerk I just don't talk to them period.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Feb 8th 18 (#2721509)
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Correction: having an opinion I strongly disagree with might not violate anything. But then again, it might. The facts of your opinion,      I will, in brief, condense: Should your opinion disagree,      'Tmight violate good sense. (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Feb 8th 18 (#2721537)
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says VicZinc on Feb 8th 18 (#2721560)
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when good old Vic pontificates he does so with conviction another day another post and more self-contradiction (biggrin)
says Thinkerbell on Feb 8th 18 (#2721711)
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We all have came across a person with this personality.
says Tiffanee on Feb 9th 18 (#2721959)
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I feel really left out, no one ever calls me names :(
says AliceD on Feb 9th 18 (#2721976)
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So anytime someone calls me "libtard" they are breaking the rules
says TomboyJanet on Feb 13th 18 (#2723942)
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"Any rudeness, abuse or harassment towards other users, moderators and/or administrators or other staff will not be tolerated and will lead to your account being suspended and your access to the website being removed. Anything offensive will be removed without warning. What is offensive will be judged solely by the moderators of Amirite." Application of the rule may vary. My personal observation is that conservatives are more likely to experience rebuke.
says Budwick on Feb 13th 18 (#2723957)
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A few of us were called pond scum, and yet that perpetrator is still here, nothing was done about him, when he was clearly in violation of the rules.
says StarzAbove on Feb 13th 18 (#2724077)
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Yes he is. Makes me now wonder who else is part of the PC hate team. Hater of women that don't think like he does.
says MonaLea on Feb 14th 18 (#2724135)
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A healthy ego disagrees; a fragile ego insults.
says Masha on Feb 14th 18 (#2724175)
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