now you can be right wherever you are.

Making fun of President Trump's hair lowers us to the level of those who we wish to unseat. That has nothing to do with the issues. Please don't stoop to the same level as those who seek to further their divisive agenda. Our motto is about unity not separatism, e pluribus unum. (+7)
says VicZinc on Feb 7th 18 (#818020)
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What??? You want to put SNL out of business? Ha!
says Will_Janitor on Feb 7th 18 (#2721265)
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Making fun of Trump's hair also shows that we don't know what to make fun of Trump for. His actions are more "entertaining" (read: disturbing) than the repetitive "satire" put out by late night TV. Turning Trump into a joke also distracts from the fact that he does have power and can't simply be relegated to comedy.
says Thibault on Feb 7th 18 (#2721288)
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I support the guy and still pick on his hair and orange skin. He looks like an Oompa-Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory. The king because he's the biggest.
says JerryHendrickson on Feb 7th 18 (#2721295)
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Meh, every president has something people make fun of.
says Tiffanee on Feb 7th 18 (#2721320)
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The leader of the Free World had better be able to take a joke.
says JerryHendrickson on Feb 7th 18 (#2721323)
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It is part of the job. Politicians have always been a goldmine for comedians. That will never change.
says Tiffanee on Feb 7th 18 (#2721326)
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Very good replies(clap)(clap)
says JD on Feb 7th 18 (#2721337)
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The earliest that I'm old enough to remember vividly was Nixon and he was roasted regularly as have all since. No need to watch past the point that Paul Anka starts singing a terrible song.
says JerryHendrickson on Feb 7th 18 (#2721338)
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Angela Merkel is the leader of the free world, she can take a joke ok.
says Flrdsgns on Feb 8th 18 (#2721499)
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They are all fair's will never change..but there are so many things about Trump that you can pick from, but it's how he makes America great or not that counts..
says JD on Feb 7th 18 (#2721339)
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For years comedians have made fun of politicians they are great source of material always saying something stupid and sticking their foot in their mouth constantly must be a comedians dream come true great endless well of material to use.
says Metal_god14 on Feb 7th 18 (#2721354)
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Why can't he have his hair fixed? Just a thought. https://lh3.googleusercontent.c...236442912d.gif
says Tiffanee on Feb 7th 18 (#2721400)
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says Metal_god14 on Feb 7th 18 (#2721406)
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says Metal_god14 on Feb 7th 18 (#2721407)
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Sorry Vic, but the sheer number of calls for Trump's assassination lowered the left far below the right...and no, there weren't anywhere near as many who wished that on Obama. That's not to say the right won't sink lower yet, as both sides seems to be on a race to the bottom, but your side has pulled waaaaay ahead. As always...JMHO
says Bozette on Feb 7th 18 (#2721427)
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Don't forget other remarks made by the "tolerant left", such as saying that people in Florida and Texas deserve to die in hurricanes, or saying that they don't feel sorry for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting "because they were probably Trump supporters, since it was a country show". And they say right-wingers are hateful sociopaths. They're just projecting their own hate onto their opponents.
says Thedudeyouhatetomeet on Feb 8th 18 (#2721907)
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At first.....i may have made a joke or two, or at the very least I joined in. Been a long time, though. There are far too many things going on that are, simply, not funny. I will leave the jokes to the comedians.
says Carla on Feb 7th 18 (#2721450)
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Carla, please explain in detail the "things" under a Trump Administration that have you all in such a constant panic mode? I have yet to get a sound/sane answer from any of my liberal relatives.
says Gronk17 on Feb 9th 18 (#2722064)
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Vic a big part of WHY Trump resonated with so many people and especially middle America was because he as a Republican candidate FINALLY fought back and attacked them and our media in the same exact manner as the Democrats/Progressives do, who always got away with it (aided and abetted by our media) when they would attack and ridicule a Republican, who would NEVER fight back...instead always took the high road of decorum. Man, anytime in recent history whenever a Republican is elected as our CIC the Dems and our news and entertainment media resort to the same ole same old tactics of ridiculing that Republican President. There's not a doubt in my mind that even if a RINO had won the GOP nomination and then subsequently beat Hillary, there would have been the same exact reaction by the left with them having their marches/protests and spewing their same ole same rhetoric/deranged hatred towards that Republican President. Kudos to you in your attempt to reason with your base to stop their silliness of attacking our President's hair/looks...but sadly the Democrat base of today are mostly politically ill informed individuals, therefore why their go to MO is to attack our President's hair and orange skin color.
says Gronk17 on Feb 9th 18 (#2722061)
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Gronk, You're absolutely right about that (if a RINO had won). I can still remember when the RINO George W. Bush was being relentlessly ridiculed by the media and there was even a Bush assassination movie done like a reality show event that I don't remember very much outrage being voiced.
says goblue1968 on Feb 13th 18 (#2723916)
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Our news and entertainment media were just as biased in their coverage of GWB43 as our CIC as well as just as nasty in their coverage of his twin college age daughters back then. They also despised John McCain and Mitt Romney(both Rinos) when they each ran for President in 2008 and 2012 as the GOP nominees and constantly ridiculed their intelligence as candidates, and were brutal about McCain's mental capacity as an elderly man(72 at the time) being too old/out of touch to be our but they loved and still love the elderly WHITE Bernie Sanders(Doc from Back to the Future) that the Dems want to challenge Trump in 2020 as the future of the Democrat party when Sanders will be 78 years old(looking 90 even now) and having the mental facilities/mindset of a teenage stoner. The simple truth is, is that our news media, entertainment media and public schools/universities have been overwhelmingly infiltrated with far leftists, whose main goal is NOT to report the news/facts, entertain or education our youth...but instead to INDOCTRINATE them using their platforms to do so.
says Gronk17 on Feb 14th 18 (#2724223)
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