now you can be right wherever you are.

My Mother was Italian and my Father was an ****. Does that make me an Assholian?
says Rooster on Feb 9th 18 (#818057)


Not at all but it happens like to the parents of the 5 year old that slapped my **** at work and tried to trip my coworkers, only to laugh and not apologize: Control your kid! This is how people grow up to be douchebags, praising tiny **** behavior because you think it’s cute.
says Tiffanee on Feb 9th 18 (#2722171)
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I agree!
says Rooster on Feb 9th 18 (#2722172)
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Nah, but I'm a French-Irish IP (inconsiderate ****) (hehe)
says SynysterGates on Feb 9th 18 (#2722210)
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Or italhole. I reckon it depends on the region.
says Carla on Feb 9th 18 (#2722248)
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Growing up I had many assholian friends.. Infact I had one as a brother-in-law (he died). Not always fun to be around but good to have on your side in a fight. Now that I think about it, I think they started most of those fights.
says PhilboydStudge on Feb 9th 18 (#2722493)
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Lol...I guess so. You're the flying spaghetti monster that farts.
says azlotto on Feb 10th 18 (#2722608)
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says Rose_Bud on Feb 10th 18 (#2722845)
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It do!
says Bub on Feb 12th 18 (#2723665)
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I don't believe the world is infested with Assolians it's just they are placed in just such a way where one meets up with them every day when leaving the house one must be prepared
says Neanderthal_Momdoer on Feb 13th 18 (#2723735)
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Ouch, lol. Education depends also on the good or bad example given by the family. (omg)(hmm)(hehe)(hehe)
says Marianne on Feb 13th 18 (#2723900)
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