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Fear of rejection ranks where on your list of fears?
says Bub on Feb 12th 18 (#818133)


Pretty high. Top five.
says Carla on Feb 12th 18 (#2723640)
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Takes a leap to put myself out there. If I make the effort, rejection is hard. If I don't, then I really don't care.
says Carla on Feb 12th 18 (#2723642)
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Being rejected is a normal part of life....therefore adults who still find rejection hard for them to handle is usually because THEY are their own worst critics/enemies in their own minds, thus imagining that other people must think the same way about them as they think about themselves.
says Gronk17 on Feb 13th 18 (#2723844)
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See, now....i see that differently. I think that a person with low self esteem would expect rejection with resignation. Maybe even be somewhat relieved to not have to live up to what he/she might feel are unreachable expectations.
says Carla on Feb 13th 18 (#2723845)
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I was raised to see my fill of the glass of water in my life to always view my glass of water as ALWAYS being half FULL, not being half EMPTY no matter the consequences of my poor choices in my life. Whereas some adults with their issues still want to blame their upbringing, their parents/someone/anyone as the REASON as to WHY they can not see their cup in life as being half FULL instead of being half EMPTY. At some point in life one can no longer blame others as to why they're not happy living in a free country.
says Gronk17 on Feb 13th 18 (#2723854)
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Fairly low for me. Too old to really care that much. But...........
says Rooster on Feb 12th 18 (#2723653)
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says Bub on Feb 12th 18 (#2723654)
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Yeah...nuclear bombs are bad.
says Carla on Feb 12th 18 (#2723659)
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says Rooster on Feb 12th 18 (#2723660)
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For me the "fear" of rejection just doesn't exist. I've learned to expect it, and live with it via making bad choices in relationships for one thing. As well, after having been a medical sales rep for much of my career, the potential for rejection has always been part of the job - ANY sales job for that matter. If it doesn't happen, great!..If it does, shake it off and get back to work. However, I will say the rejection I experienced in marriage many years ago has had lifelong after-effects which I have concluded will never go away for me, but I hesitate to call it a "fear".
says Mutt on Feb 12th 18 (#2723666)
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Your comment is waaaaaay too short...
says Bub on Feb 12th 18 (#2723675)
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247th, just behind a sneeze killing me.
says Flrdsgns on Feb 12th 18 (#2723672)
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*choking on my drink... LOL*
says Bub on Feb 12th 18 (#2723673)
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oh, choking on my drink is way up there for me, 112th, just 18 spots ahead of choking on a pretzel (hehe)
says Flrdsgns on Feb 12th 18 (#2723717)
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I remember that... it was one Bush or the other, right?
says Bub on Feb 13th 18 (#2723724)
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Yep, it was W, but in all fairness, he was still learning how to swallow.
says Flrdsgns on Feb 13th 18 (#2723733)
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Not in my top 5 fears these days, but feeling rejected by someone who really matters to me, is way up there in the worst feelings ever.
says Piper2 on Feb 12th 18 (#2723676)
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I like your honesty, Piper... I always have.
says Bub on Feb 12th 18 (#2723679)
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When I found out that my lifelong friend for DECADES who I completely trusted more than anyone in my life for DECADES had betrayed me ...I did not feel "rejected" at all by her...yeah my 1st immediate reaction was of course to "feel hurt" finding this info out about her, but my 2nd immediate thought was that I was done with our friendship no matter what her excuses were. Ah the ironic part is now that 5 years have gone by SHE now feels that I was the one who killed/ "rejected" our life long friendship lol!!?? Did I mention she's a liberal/progressive?? lol
says Gronk17 on Feb 13th 18 (#2723849)
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Being rejected leads to a better offer....
says JD on Feb 12th 18 (#2723716)
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John... always the bull. :)
says Bub on Feb 13th 18 (#2723725)
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Fear of rejection is not even on my list of fears, only because since I was little I knew/was raised to believe by my parents that being rejected(not winning/being the best at something or a friend no longer wanting to be my friend anymore) was just a NORMAL part of growing up and for me to reflect on that "rejection" as a lesson in life to LEARN and GROW from that experience of me feeling "rejected" but I also grew up in a different era when not every kid made the team nor got a shiny trophy when their team LOST a championship game.
says Gronk17 on Feb 13th 18 (#2723843)
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very low. I don't need anyone now.
says LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred on Feb 19th 18 (#2726130)
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