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Are you being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century ?
says Darkest_Serenity on Feb 15th 18 (#818188)
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I was born in 1999, so I suppose I didn't have much choice! Even then, there are certain "old-fashioned" things that I am intent on preserving, like listening to music on vinyl and reading books made out of actual paper. But aside from that, I am fairly up-to-date. :)
says Thibault on Feb 15th 18 (#2724777)
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Ha Ha! Yeah, I guess you didn't have much of the last century to compare to the new one.
says Will_Janitor on Feb 15th 18 (#2724794)
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I freely admit that I am a dinosaur. The things we imagined as kids were fine in the imagination. I will parallel park my own car, and I simply do not want to see you when we are on the phone.
says Carla on Feb 15th 18 (#2724795)
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That's a good point about the phone. I truly believe that the art of parallel parking is lost. On one hand I don't mind it because some people are so God damned bad at it they shouldn't even have a license, but it's just another skill that goes by the wayside like using a slide rule to calculate.
says Will_Janitor on Feb 15th 18 (#2724805)
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Right? If you can't park, dont try. It was an important skill to have, would fail the test if you couldn't manage it. Do you remember when calculators first came out? No teacher worth their salt would allow them in a classroom.
says Carla on Feb 15th 18 (#2724820)
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When I took my SAT they were just coming out. We could use slide rules, but not the new calculators. Ha!
says Will_Janitor on Feb 15th 18 (#2724862)
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I left before sats. Got my ged and joined the usaf. calculators for that ged. No classes or study materials either.
says Carla on Feb 15th 18 (#2724863)
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I feel like I am. Everytime I get used to some new program, computer, tablet or phone they get upgraded. Only now it takes me longer to get used to them. I might just become a hermit when I retire so I eliminate the stress. :)
says Will_Janitor on Feb 15th 18 (#2724797)
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I get so peed off when when I'm doing stuff online and they ask me for my email address and then they make me rewrite my email they think I'm stupid.....
says JD on Feb 15th 18 (#2724812)
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No, I'm perpetually comfortable at around 2012
says DWF on Feb 15th 18 (#2724816)
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I do well with most of the Tech stuff of today and the great PC's but I don't do online banking or any of that other stuff. Don't trust it enough. I don't have a fancy iPhone or anything and don't want one. So far? I'm doing OK and all my bills and bank statements are all on paper. I'll keep it that way also.
says Rooster on Feb 15th 18 (#2724819)
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I was born in the 50's. Television was invented a year after I was born! Passenger jets were introduces a year after that. The transistor radio a year later. [Ask your grandparents what a transistor radio is. Be prepared to see them smile and talk your ear off.] My point is that there have been a lot of technological developments in my lifetime. When computers first became available to consumers, I was a geek and interested. But even being interested, I did not envision the things it would enable. The Internet as we all know is a blessing and a curse. It's a treasure trove of non-political information. [Political information of course is always biased and requires study to get to the truth.] I as reluctant to get a smartphone. I mean, what else would I want to do with my phone besides make phone calls? [Turns out, I do a lot more. But, I'm still wary of loading up some apps] Facebook, Twitter, etc. IMO are horrible abusers of society. The original concept of keeping in touch with friends is good, but seriously, who has 158,432 friends? And so many people are so glued to their phones and tablets, conversation is a lost art! So, yeah, I guess I'm kicking and screaming a little bit as I use Google Maps to find my way from point A to Point B.
says Budwick on Feb 15th 18 (#2724829)
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Don't even get me started on having to repurchase movies because I want them in the newest format......I **** about it but I still do it.
says ProdigalSon on Feb 15th 18 (#2724835)
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Yeah sometime around 1997/98, nothing much was happening and I fell into a bit of a snooze, which somehow turn into a longer nap which then rather than knackering any chance of getting to sleep that night I decided to just go back to sleep for even longer which completely knackered my sleeping pattern and froze me in a sub-atomic space time hibernation at a temperature beyond all human comprehension and I woke up in the 25th century. Lucky for me Buck Rogers was there and his crew figured out a way to get me back to 2007/8, but that's another amazing and totally true story... 乂^◡^乂
says Ada on Feb 15th 18 (#2724845)
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says Carla on Feb 15th 18 (#2724849)
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says Ada on Feb 17th 18 (#2725565)
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I hate all the latest tech stuff..... everytime I get used to one thing, it gets changed and I panic. lol
says StarzAbove on Feb 15th 18 (#2724870)
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The ghosts of the 90s will always be following me and haunting you everywhere I go!
says TomboyJanet on Feb 15th 18 (#2724889)
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I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 20th century...
says JustJimColo on Feb 16th 18 (#2725016)
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Did you scrape the mold off of it when you dug this oldie up?
says dru18 on Feb 16th 18 (#2725023)
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